By the Essence of Love And Life, I Go

By the Essence of Love And Life, I Go

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Three hundred and seventy-five days is the longest time for me to inhabit a woman's heart. At first, I believed that this was my dwelling forever and would be my reason to go home. However, everything remains a process and I have to accept in the moment of destiny deciding to leave the dwelling.

Living in your heart for three hundred and seventy-five days does have a deep impression on my life. There are various memories that, if remembered, will shake my heart and I may try to come back again. I still remember, at the beginning of my arrival your heart is still occupied by others who although he has long made your home uncomfortable. My arrival, which you claim to be a form of comfort, has made you cruelly drive him out just for me.

To be honest, after I learned all that. I feel so guilty and up until now, it has become one of the things I deeply regret. Whatever the reason, however cruel the person is in your eyes, I am still the one who has done the abject thing. Although, it all happens because you are not firmly against your own feelings. However, I will not blame you.

However, it all eventually reaches the point of repayment that I have received. The essence of love is a compulsion that you receive gracefully, eventually beginning to erode. I did not deny it, I did feel no more comfort. My reason for going strong enough.

Many people say to me, "remember all the sweet memories with him, and you will feel the comfort again,". However, remembering all that is beautiful only paralyzes the principle that I have emphasized repeatedly to you. What is the meaning of beautiful memories, if the principles we hold are not kept intact. Our love and life must always proceed. Our steps must be equally clear. If you still doubt, I can not afford to continue this love. We certainly need to live right, right?

I chose to leave, not because I no longer love me. However, this is all I do for the essence of life that I have to keep and I will account for. Perhaps, you will think that the reason I am talking about is just a contrived thing, as one always thinks of a young man who ends his love. Yes, because there are other parties more interesting. It is okay. However, remember someday you will truly understand my decision and of course, you will understand the true nature of love.

Life requires love, and love is bound in the essence of life that must be taken care of by all human beings. Including us, my dear. I'm leaving and goodbye ..

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