Calculating Bicycle Speed Based on Dental Ratio (Fixie VS Seli)

Calculating Bicycle SpeedThe issue of global warming makes the bike so rose. It is an option for those who are concerned about global warming or for other reasons, such as health, recreation, energy saving, cost savings for transportation, or perhaps saving time. For this last reason, for some people may ask. Is it riding a bike faster than other modes of transportation? For some cases the answer is yes. There are stories of b2w community friends, on the internet telling their experience of going to work using a private car, from Bekasi to Jakarta (probably not via expressway), who once tried to ride b2w after seeing the b2w while waiting for city streets congestion. After a try, it turns out travel time to use a bike faster than using his personal car. Imagine when the cars berjibetan with congestion city streets, folding bikes can continue dikayuh with nimble through traffic jams. Many types of bicycles on the market today, from minimal technology to full of technology. From simple to slightly more complex. So morning beginners who try this one hobby is a bit confused. Want to buy what kind. There are several types of bikes that the author of little know, for example type of road, triathlon, track, montain bike (MTB, hard tail and fulsus (full supension)), bicycle motocross (BMX), urban and bicycle for small children. All this is made according to its designation so it is more suitable and comfortable, both at the time dikendarai as well as the terrain is skipped. Lately on many occasions a lot of casual bike events are held, in various themes. Thousands and even millions of people join this event. Usually events like this are often done as a memorial day of the day commemorated people around the world, corporate birthdays, mass media, or other big day. With the lure of the prize or without the lure of people flocking to come to this event. For those who have this hobby, when muscle strength and lung capacity has been "upgraded" is usually tempted to try more challenges for bikes can be pedaled faster. Finally there is a desire to upgrade his bike. Here the author inadvertently finds on the internet calculator that is used to calculate the speed of the bicycle against gear ratio. This calculator is very useful for who wants to know how much speed the bike based on its ratio teeth. By entering the value of the front crank, the front crank length, the rear sprocket, the diameter and the width of the tire, it can be known how much bicycle speed is based on the speed of the bucket. EXAMPLE: Right now this is a fixie bike trend. Assembled using 46t front crank with a length of 17 mm, 16t rear sprocket using a typical 700x20c fixie tire. After the value we put into the kalculator, obtained results:

bike fixie

From the table speed can be explained, to reach speeds of 36 km / h required paddle speed of 100 rpm. Ok, now we compare with the folding bike (SELI) B2W with 52t front crank with length 170 mm, rear sprocket 14t (smallest / highest speed), tire 20 "wide 1.5, got result:

folding bike

From the table speed is explained, to achieve 35.6 km / hour required a paddle speed of 100 rpm. From both tables they can be explained that the fixie bike at a faster 0.4 km / h with the assumption of folding bikes using the highest gear position. But let's see again the second table above, for GAIN RATIO turns GAIN RATIO fixie bikes larger than the folding bike (5.6 versus 5.5). This means to reach speeds of 36 km / h with 100 rpm paddle required more power than the folding bike to speed 35.6 km / h with 100 gram kayuh. But when ditie a fixie bike will feel very heavy compared to folding bikes with the same assumption of using the highest gear, because of the large gain ratio was. Could be a fixie bike will be left behind when ditanjakkan. Here the weight of the bike is not taken into account, assuming the weight of the fixie bike is comparable to the folding bike. But keep in mind, this is all assuming the same pengayuhnya for the level of muscle strength and lung capacity. From a little explanation above is concluded that the speed of folding bicycles can be said to be the same as fixie bikes. Now live muscle dependent, and lung capacity alone that can distinguish its speed. But with its smaller size, folding bikes become more agile on the streets of congested towns, can enter the trunk of a more compact car, can enter the suitcase (there must be some parts are removed while the tire must be in gembosin) to board the plane, and also take a bus or train. Stay depends on choice, happy cycling ria

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