Can ‘War’ and Drift! Parrot Boyong 4 Drone To Indonesia

Can 'War' andQuoted from Wikipedia, the drone is an unmanned surveillance aircraft run by a control center using a remote control. Initially the drones were only used by the military for the purpose of staking the enemy base. But as the times progressed, the drones now can be used by consumers freely.

For you drone lovers, GadgetCiti and Parrot work together to bring the latest advanced drone range. Not just can fly, the latest Parrot drone there that can be brought 'war'.

Parrot and GadgetCiti Launches Latest Drones in Indonesia

GadgetCiti which has spread over 7 major cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Banjarmasin and Bali) continues to work with Parrot to present the latest drones in Indonesia. As a long-established manufacturer in the world of drone technology, Parrot, a French manufacturer again presents its newest line of cool drones in Indonesia:

1. Parrot DISCO

Parrot DISCO is FPV (First Person View) the first drone supplied wing. Yes, in contrast to most drones that carry the concept of quad-copter, Parrot DISCO actually equipped with airplane wings. With a special feature of FVP VR, this drone lets you experience flying like a professional pilot. What is unique, this drone is light and practical so it can be carried anytime and anywhere.

The advantages of Parrot DISCO are:

1. Equipped with Autopilot feature C.H.U.C.K which allows Parrot DISCO to auto landing and auto take off without need of special grounding.
2. Broad reach, can fly up to 2km in the wild at speeds up to 80KM / hour.
3. Camera wide angle camera. Up to 80km / hour.
4. Able to fly up to 45 minutes.
5. Can be connected with VR to experience FPV experience.
6. Can record HD video up to 3 hours thanks to 32gb memory it carries.

2. Parrot BEBOP 2

Just like Parrot DISCO, Parrot BEBOP 2 is also an FPV drone. The difference, Parrot BEBEOP still carries the quad-copter design, so it can be flown in a narrow area though. In addition to smaller size, the weight is also very light.

Excess Parrot BEBOP 2:1. Fly steady thanks to the quad-copter design.
2. Able to fly up to 25 minutes.
3. Equipped with HD camera to record video and take photos.
4. Lightweight.

3. Parrot SWING

Parrot's latest breakthrough in the world of drones is evidenced by Parrot SWING. If Parrot DISCO can fly horizontally and Parrot BEBOP 2 flies vertically; Parrot SWING can fly in 2 modes, namely Quad Copter (vertical) and Airplane (horizontal).

Excess Parrot SWING:

1. Be able to fly in 2 modes.
2. Able to drive up to 30KM / hour in Airplane mode.
3 Parrot Swing is equipped with Bluetooth controller (Fly Pad) to increase the coverage area.

4. Parrot MAMBO

In addition to large-sized drones, Parrot also bring a sophisticated mini-drone that is not less cool. Is Parrot MAMBO, Quad-Copter mini drones that can perform acrobatic moves to have fun with friends while hanging out together. As a means of play, Parrot MAMBO is equipped with Grabber accessory to take or deliver something light, eg writing or maybe a ring. And Canon with 50 bullets to play game shoot object with friends.

Excess Parrot MAMBO:

1. Small size and light weight.
2. Lively, easy to control.
3. Capable of carrying light objects (4 grams-1 ounce) with Grabber.
4. Equipped with Canon to play warfare.

Other Technology Parrot Takes to Indonesia

In addition to four advanced drone before, Parrot also brought Parrot ZIK 3 which is a modern bluetooth headset equipped with energy-saving features and noise cancelation. There is also Parrot Power Flower and Parrot Pot for you plant lovers. Well, Parrot Power Flower and Parrot Pot allow you to monitor the condition of the plants anytime and anywhere. Even Parrot Pot is even more sophisticated, allowing you to water your favorite crops while away from the city!Pricing and Availability

All the above advanced products will be coming soon in Indonesia. If you are interested in buying and knowing the price of Parrot DISCO, Parrot BEBOP 2 and others, you can pre-order starting tomorrow at GadgetCiti and Urbanlife.

If you want to get free drone, follow the drill competition Parrot Games! The competition will be held on 5-6 November 2016 at STC Senayan. The prizes are interesting, there are Mini Drones, Sumo Jumping and Parrot Mambo! Register yourself at the Parrot Games Registration link.

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