Canon Pixma iP2770 Durable and Hold Thickness

Canon Pixma iP2770 Durable and Hold Thickness

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From the first human always innovate to create something that can ease the work, especially in the field of technology. Increasingly sophisticated technology has benefited in many ways, including in printing. Ease that we feel today in the world of printing can not be separated from the discovery of the printer.

Printers at the present time can be said has become a staple for everyone. Starting from students, employees, to housewives. Printers at the moment are not a luxury item because everyone can have it depending on the level of each requirement.

Things Consumers Consider in Choosing a Printer

Printer quality continues to grow from time to time. Consumers are getting smarter in choosing a good printer. Based on the results of a small survey that I have data from friends on campus, and searches on the internet, in general there are five things to the attention of consumers before deciding to buy a printer that is, the printer resolution, output prints, speed, motherboard connections, and funds .

The definition of resolution on the printer is the ability of the printer to create the number of points in one square inch. For example, a resolution of 720 x 720 dpi (dot per inch) means the printer can make 720 dots per 1 inch vertical and 720 dots per 1 inch horizontally. ( The printer resolution determines the print quality. For printing or graphic design, highly recommended high-resolution printers, but if only to print text such as office or college needs does not require a high resolution printer.

Print output is a concern, whether for printing images or photos, or printing text. The sharper the resulting view, the better.

Printer speed is also a concern of consumers. Printer speed is expressed in PPM (page per minute) or IPM (image per minute). The term PPM "Page per Minute", is used to describe how quickly a printer can print the first page out. While the HDI shows the amount of one-sided printing time size in one minute, for example, the printer can print files that are 8.5 "x 11 'in one minute.The speed of printing based on the HDI can not be compared with the print speed based on PPM Basically the calculation between IPM and PPM are the same, that is, counting the sheets of paper that printers can print in one minute, but if you want to compare the speed of a printer, IPM is a commonly used measurement, since HDI is a universal standardized measure of testing IPM was introduced in March 2009, now several printer manufacturers have cooperated with International Organization for Standaization (ISO) to make standard ISO / IEC 24734 for standard printing speed.

Another thing to consider for consumers is koneksimotherboard. For now, connections using USB ports are more desirable than connections using parallel ports, because USB technology is more flexible in installation, and faster in data transfer. But not all motherboards are equipped with a USB port, except using a USB card in addition.

Finally, the most important thing consumers notice is the funds. Consumers will think twice how to get a printer with good quality and affordable price.

Canon Being a Choice

Based on my search results on wikipedia, Canon Pixma is the company's color laser printer that is devoted to speed. The new series of Canon printing machines are almost average now is the Pixma series. First came out in 2002 and expanded rapidly in 2003. Canon Pixma is no longer using the ink type BC series, but has been using new types of Canon ink such as Cli, Bci, and so on. There are three types of naming of the Canon Pixma series, which is iP and followed by 4 digit numbers devoted to A4 size paper, iP followed by 2 digit numbers devoted to mobile printers / maximum paper size R4 and iX devoted to A3 size paper. ( printers that I have including canon printers that are specified for A4 size paper, according to my needs as a student who often print out paper and certificate with A4 paper size, but this printer can also be used to print paper size A5, B5, legal, letter, and media amplifiers also often print envelopes of letters with this printer.

Based on my experience during using Canon Pixma iP2770 printer many benefits that I feel. First, in terms of resolution. Canon Pixma iP2770 has a maximum print resolution (color) of 4800 x 1200 dpi, and a maximum print resolution (monochrome) 4800 x 1200 dpi. This resolution is quite high in my opinion which only uses printers to print text like college assignments.

Second, the output prints. In terms of photo prints, Canon Pixma iP2770 has a sharper photo print quality. The photo prints are durable. It's the most basic thing that differentiates Canon printers with other branded printers.

Third, the speed of printing. Canon Pixma iP2770 can print with 4.8 ipm speed (color) and 7 ipm (monochrome). This helps my issues that often print certificates. Some time ago, I was placed as secretary in seminar activities on campus. This position requires me to print multiple files, especially certificates that need to be printed in quick time. Considering the effectiveness of the time and avoiding the mistake of the name in the certificate, the certificate printing is done during the seminar, so that when the seminar finishes each participant can take home the certificate. I had to print about two hundred certificates at that time, and the Canon Pixma iP2770 faithfully accompanied me, without any problems and smooth. Previously with other types of printers, I often upset waiting for the printout is too longmore when memprint-out a full color certificate, but sometimes I'm in a hurry.

Fourth, motherboard connection. Canon Pixma iP2770 definitely uses a USB port. With built-in high speed USB 2.0 connection, I can transfer data easily. I just put the cable into the laptop and the printer will automatically make settings.

Fifth, in terms of funds. Canon Pixma iP2770 very affordable, the price is below Rp 600.000, -. The advantages and disadvantages of the price depends on each place (area) purchase. This price fits the pockets of students like me. With the affordable price of Canon Pixma iP2770 remains a quality product warranty for one year.

Apart from the above five things, there are things that stand out from the Canon Pixma iP2770 printer that I feel that is, able to print thick paper. This printer is resistant to 230 gsm of paper. That is the reason why my article title is above Canon Pixma iP2770: Durable and Hold Thickness, because I already feel it myself, how I smoothly print the certificate we know the paper certificate is very thick.

Canon Pixma iP2770 is also energy efficient, consumes only 11 watts of power in active mode and 0.7 watts in standby mode. For those of us who live in dorms with limited electrical power, using this printer is very helpful. This printer is also not too noisy, the noise level is only 47 db.

In accordance with the price, Canon Pixma iP2770 only has a function as a print tool, not available scanner or copier function. However, the completeness of this feature is not problematic for me, because I rarely use the scanner or copier feature. This printer can be configured with a PC running Windows 7, windows vista, Windows XP, and windows 2000 SP4.

Another advantage offered by Canon Pixma iP2770 is the Easy-PhotoPrint EX software, with this software I can create albums, calendars and stickers with ease using photos taken with a digital camera, there is also FINE technology (Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) print head, ChromaLife100 + and has a hybrid ink system technology. This technology keeps the image quality durable.

With some of the advantages I have described above, it is no mistake for me if the Canon Pixma iP2770 printer becomes the best selling printer, especially among students. [*]Source:

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