Captain Atalanta Hopes to Atletico Madrid

Captain Atalanta Hopes to Atletico MadridJakarta Captain Atalanta, Alejandro 'Papu' Gomez, admitted himself never in demand by Atletico Madrid. The Argentine still has the desire to move to the Spanish capital someday.

Gomez is a 29-year-old player who had previously been with coach Atletico Madrid during uniformed Catania. At that time, Simeone is still a coach there and became one of the figures that quite important role for the change Papu.

As a player who craves play in La Liga, his proximity to Simeone is certainly an advantage. In addition to coming from the same country, Argentina, Simeone had thought to take with Papu when appointed to coach [Atletico Madrid] (3202612 "").

Papu claimed he was interested in Atletico Madrid then and could have played in La Liga which became one of his dreams if at that time Catania did not ask for a big transfer money when Atletico expressed interest in him.

"In 2012, before I joined the Mentalist Kharkiv, I had dinner with Simeone in Buenos Aires because he wanted me to join Atletico Madrid, but Catania wanted too much money," Papu told Marca.

The failure became one of the disappointments that Alejandro Gomez once felt in his career. He was then uniformed Ukrainian club, Mentalist Kharkiv, before returning to Serie A to join with Atalanta. The dream to La Liga is still there, where he thinks it is an improvement in his soccer career.

"I want to go to Madrid but it was not my decision and I can not decide it, it's really disappointing because actually it will be very important for my career progress," said the Argentine who wants to reunite with Simeone at Atletico Madrid that.

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