Carrefour Ready To Side With The Traditional Market

Carrefour Ready To Side With The Traditional Market

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Carrefour's Director of Corporate Affairs, Irawan D. Kardiman, said it is ready to encourage the growth of traditional markets in order to compete with the retail market (retailers) modern.

"It is not possible for the traditional market to grow like a modern retail market and we are very supportive of its growth," said Irawan, in Jakarta, Friday (16/03).

According to him, the fact that traditional markets can co-exist without mutual turns with the modern retail market has been proven in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang.

"The BSD market remains a consumer favorite, while he is surrounded by a number of famous hypermarkets," he said.

He said that so far, traditional market consumers are considered to be absorbed by modern retail market, such as Carrefor, Giant, and Hypermarket because the traditional market has been attached with dirty, smelly, dirty, muddy and crime prone.

But it is not something that is not possible to change, provided that the concept and support of funding.

Modern markets such as hypermarkets, supermarkets to minimarkets offer simple concepts, no bargaining, exact prices, comfortable atmosphere, safe, clean and cold air.

"Compare if the traditional market is crowded, shabby, muddy and uncomfortable, including for parking for vehicle owners," he said.

In addition, the advantages of the modern market also lies in the atmosphere and attitude of the friendly workers.

So, when there is a rejuvenation of the market, then the traders that exist according to Irawan should be educated how to make consumers happy.

Traditional market building should have a high roof about five to six meters from the floor, then air circulation smoothly and plenty of lighting so it does not seem stuffy."We should not just blame the traditional markets first, but the stakeholders might learn from us," he said. (* / rit)

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