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How To Make Easy Green House

Image source:, Jakarta Living in the midst of a healthy and comfortable environment would be the desire of us all. Unfortunately the current environmental conditions are increasingly concerning. More and more nature is damaged and

What’s Up with the Pelawan Forest

Image source: Bangka Island is identical as a tin and pepper producing area. it turns out there is a hidden beauty in it besides the beautiful beaches of rocky granite and choppy waves. One of the

What’s Up with Forest Growing ..

Image source:×612 (this article was sent to some articles of Indonesian forestry magazine) Many perceptions and opinions about the causes of forest destruction by some foresters. Some argue that forest destruction is the result of a

Water, Elements of World’s Important Life

Image source: Unimaginable when water extinct from the face of this earth. Life on earth can be stopped immediately. Living beings such as humans, animals and plants will surely die. The ground is hardened, the forest

Water as a source of life

Image source: Water is very important in life, without water all the living beings that exist on earth will die. Without human water can be thirsty, lack of water substance in the body to cause death.

Waste Water So Fertilizers Can Crop Kok …

Image source: I have not posted any posts on Kompasiana for so long. The last article I posted on December 4, 2016. The main problem is the existence of another preoccupation, which is a follow-up article

There’s a Mysterious Hole in the ‘End of the World’

Image source:, Yamal – A mysterious giant hole is found in a remote region of Siberia. Now scientists are struggling to find scientific answers to the phenomenon, amidst the sheer quantity of speculation: whether the

There is a warning to throw garbage in the sea, this is Anies reaction

Image source: Candidate of Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said there is one island in Indonesia that read 'please throw garbage in the sea'. Seeing that, Anies said there should be a change about waste disposal in

There is a Toxic Plant Reduce Fuel Consumption, This Pertamina Comments

Image source: PT Pertamina (Persero) as a business entity assigned to distribute Fuel Oil (BBM) claimed not yet able to absorb biofuels (BBN) derived from jatropha curcas as a mixture of diesel fuel. Secretary of Pertamina

There is a New Solution to Overcome Plastic Waste. Used Plastic Will Be Changed So Highway, Cool!

Image source: It's been a long time since people around the world have been troubled by the growing amount of plastic waste every year. At least cities in different parts of the world, donate about 1.3