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There are changes to the rules, the fate of forest workers remains threatened

Image source: The new regulation of environment and forestry ministers is not considered to remove the threat of layoffs against forest industry workers. The Government has issued the Minister of Environment and Forestry (Permen LHK) P.40

The reason why the eastern United States is often hit by storms

Image source:–q0ZpTqs0–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/x0gf8s0ddjoegwnrfqca.png Not long ago after a tropical storm named Issac smashed several states in the United States, Sandy now storms again devastated many states in Uncle Sam's country. Why the United States is often hit

The Ozone Layer Full Abandon, Our Concern Is Questionable

Image source: September 16 is annually celebrated as International Ozone Day. Of the millions of Indonesians residing on this earth only a few are aware of the existence of ozone. World Ozone Day, now only rhetoric

Take Care of the Environment, This Church Create a Christmas Tree from a Bottle

Image source: YOGYAKARTA, – Toward Christmas, various churches make an interesting Christmas tree ornaments. One of them is in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Uniquely, the Christmas tree that made the church Christian Church of Java (GKJ)

SHARP AC, Last Protection of Ozone Damage

Image source: There is one thing that arises from every time the question 'Why is Ozone' protective 'of the earth can be damaged?', Many things can be blamed for the destruction or depletion of the ozone

November 28, Day of the National Tree Planting

Image source: Who ever planted a tree? hopefully ever all :). Well today November 28 was crowned the day to plant a national tree, because of the importance of the existence of trees, then the government

Nature Needs Refreshment And Conservation From Humans

Image source: By: Syaifu Adidharta | The more the development of the times will surely be many extraordinary changes in the social life of the world community. The development of the current era unfortunately less attention

I Want To Have Forest

Image source: Dark black clouds always adorn my days. Rain, is not what I look forward to. I'm very afraid if it rains. I was still traumatized by everything that happened to me, just as it

For Earth Hour Celebration Really Save Energy and Make Happy, Do It.

Image source: In the framework of concern for the earth, the whole world commemorates Earth Hour on every March 28, including this year. As we know, on that day all the housing and office lights will

Environmental Activist Reminds No More Mining Permits in Malut

Image source: Environmental activists in North Maluku (Malut) have asked the Provincial Government and the regency / municipal government in the area, no longer issuing new mining licenses, to prevent further damage to the environment there