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Environmental Activist Arrested with Communist Allegations, Lawyers Consider Criminalization

Image source: BANYUWANGI, – Detention of Heri Budiawan, or commonly called Budi Pego, Sumber Agung village residents, related to allegations of banners mounted with images similar to the hammer logo arit in action rejection of

End of reclamation moratorium in Jakarta Bay

Image source: The government decided to stop the reclamation moratorium in the Jakarta Bay. The developer of the previous sea dredging permit holder was requested to meet 11 points submitted since 14 months ago. And finally,

Due to the Transfer of Forest Function, Sumatran Tiger in Jambi Remains 50 Tails

Image source:, Jambi – Conflict between humans and animals in Jambi allegedly often occur. One major cause is the conversion of forest into plantation land. In fact, the most protected wildlife population of the Sumatran

Due to global warming, the year 2100 pilgrimage to eat many victims

Image source: Recent research on global warming gives surprising results. How not, less than a hundred years more countries in the Persian Gulf region, around the Arabian Peninsula, almost impossible inhabited by humans. Yes, scientists from

Due to Climate Change, 7 The Island Threatened ‘Gone’ Forever

Image source:, Jakarta – Exploring an archipelago full of natural beauty, white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and a clear expanse of sea water, often a holiday option for marine lovers. Before it's too late,

Aquaculture vs Climate Change

Image source: Romi Novriadi Batam Marine Aquaculture Center Directorate General of Aquaculture Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia E-mail: The meeting of marine and fisheries policy makers through the OUR

Al Gore, Film and Climate Crisis

Image source: Last night, with my friends Blogger got a special invitation to watch one of Paramount Pictures Documentary film titled "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" at XXI Epicentrum, Jakarta, Monday (8/21/2017). When you first

Al Gore urges Japanese businessmen to prevent global warming

Image source: Former US Vice President Al Gore has urged Japanese business leaders Monday to lead global warming prevention because of his expertise in energy efficiency. "Our planet is now 'feverish' and this is not going

Agrowisata Medicinal Plant in Leuwiliang

Image source:, Bogor: Tired of streets to the same place-that's all? Why not try a trip to the garden of traditional medicinal plant Karyasari in Karyasari Village, Leuwiliang, Bogor, West Java. Excursions to it are

5000 Km Square of Ice Plates Split From Antarctica. Looks like World Map Mandatory Redeemed

Image source: In fact many still do not believe that global warming is really happening on our beloved earth. One example is the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Many of his Twitter shouts are