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2025 Working climate changed, gadget hoarse 13 human jobs

Image source: Who does not like the rapid technological developments of today? Human tasks more easily done thanks to the help of gadgets, robots, even simple software in the form of mobile device applications. However, in

2015 to be the ‘Hottest’ Year During the Last 135 Years

Image source:, California – If many people are complaining about why the last few weeks the weather has become hotter than usual, it is because the July to August period is a long dry season

2008, Padang Allocates Rp300 Million For City Forest

Image source: Padang City Government allocates budget Rp300 million in 2008 city budget for urban forest development in Malvinas forest area of ??24 hectares in Kurao Pagang village, Nanggalo Padang sub-district, West Sumatera province. "The development

1001 Ways to Overcome Global Warming Can Start from Home

Image source: The UN Climate Change Conference will be held again on 7-18 December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hopefully there is a new breakthrough, so that the Earth increasingly free from the burden of emissions that

76 Hectares of forest on Mount Bromo are burned

Image source: The fire that burns the forest in the area of ??Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) has been completely extinguished. The total forest area burned in the area reached about 76 hectares. Head of

70 Percent of Environmental Damage from Mining Operations

Image source: JAKARTA, About 70 percent of the environmental damage in Indonesia is caused by mining operations. This extractive industry easily overrides and outsmart rules that conflict with its interests, including Law Number 32 Year

47 This plant can prevent landslides

Image source: A total of 47 types of plants recommended by the Research and Development of Surface River Management Technology (BP2TPDAS) Surakarta to be planted in landslide prone areas. Selection of 47 types of plants has

45 Ways to Save Your Environment And Wallet

Image source: There is a lot of misunderstanding in understanding the saving of the environment. Eco-friendly lifestyles are often identified with an expensive lifestyle. Though there are many ways you can do to keep the earth

42 The Miracle of Flora

Image source:–flora.jpg 1.News with the largest Nation in the world. There are more than 750 ethnic / ethnic groups. 2. Has 583 of the world's largest Territory languages, with 67 main languages ??used by various ethnic

22 Reasons Why You Should Care About Forests, Trees, And Open Green Grounds About You

Image source: It is no secret if Indonesia is considered a lung by the world. Indonesia's forest area is predicted to be the largest tropical forest in Asia. But over time the amount of our forests