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Stories, us, and colors

Image source: All subjects have been used in every span of effort. Melakoni silly scenes on the sidelines of messages to be sent, or when smiling and saying "hi" when meeting with him, one who fills

Steal Worm, This Man Threatened 10 Years in Prison. What’s the News Who Take the Money To Billions

Image source: Everyday, Didin supports his family by trading hawk at Cibodas Botanical Garden. He sold corn, brewed coffee, and head coverings. His life is far from fancy words. But lately his fate was really apes.

Spark the Brilliant Idea, this East Sumbanese Youth Invited UN

Image source:, Jakarta Equity education in Indonesia is not maximized. Even in the capital alone many children are still not getting a decent education, but this does not happen to Yudianto Njepa Kaka. Young young

Sophisticated, Air Conditioner It Can Cleanse Himself

Image source: Excess air humidity in the room can lead to fungi and bacteria. Even for those of you who use air conditioning or air conditioner (AC), the fungus and bacteria can accumulate inside the indoor

Sophisticated! Lenovo Launches New ThinkPad X1 Series on Lenovo Technology Day III

Image source: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY), the number 1 PC brand globally and one of the three hardware providers for the largest x86-based server in the world, through TechDay vol. III launched the latest ThinkPad

Sophisticated And Cool! It Transforms Samsung Galaxy Note Series From Time to Time

Image source:×1200.jpg Galaxy Note is one of the best-selling flagship smartphone series from Samsung and its successful presence awaited many fans every year. Behind the success of this series, it turns out the Galaxy Note has

Social Design and Environmental Efforts

Image source:–urban-planning-economic-development.jpg By Sumbo Tinarbuko (Illustration: Jitet Koestono, daily illustrator KOMPAS) This phenomenon worthy of note during the last two decades every time the turn of the season, was a lot of casualties and property. Experts

Smoke Exposure Area to be Installed Undip Air Purifier

Image source:, Semarang – A number of areas exposed to smog will be installed air purifier made by researchers Diponegoro University (Undip). Because smoke haze disaster caused by forest fires degrade air quality causing respiratory

Singing Birds and Most Popular for Birds Lovers

Image source: For lovers of birds chirp, the arikel this time I will share some birds that sounds melodious and you can make a reference to add to your bird collection. Having a bird that has

Simple Ways to Reduce Global Warming Effects

Image source: Global warming has been the main ingredient of public talks in recent years. Society in general already understand and aware of the dangers posed by the effects of global warming and the perceived impact