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Travel Destinations in France By Month All Year

Image source:×350.jpg When it comes to French, it usually comes to mind the romantic city, the delicious cakes that make drool, and the people who speak just make us melt without needing to understand what they

Toilet Story in the Land of Petrodollar

Image source: The first thing to think about arriving at Jeddah airport is toilets. Over 13 hours in the air across the country is now a tough struggle. Moreover, leaving the middle of the night, wuih

The weather is so uncertain

Image source: Do not you feel that some years the weather is getting more and more uncertain. Oh! Of course for those who never care about nature where ever think of it. But try to think

The way the government develops electric cars

Image source: After SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan proves that electric cars can be made in the country, the government began to open his eyes to develop this energy-efficient car. The government in the success of the

The way American soldiers run fasts

Image source: For some people, especially those born and raised in a predominantly Muslim country, such as in Indonesia, observing fasting in Ramadan may be commonplace. But what if we imagine fasting in a Muslim country

The taste of milkfish of Primadona Typical Sidoarjo

Image source: Sidoarjo is part of the city from the East Java region, the city is border with the city of Surabaya which is the capital of East Java. Sidoarjo is a city that mostly coastal

The Story of Trash

Image source: It's been a long time since I wrote in a compassion, missing a lot of things without writing a waste of work. Fortunately I still keep some stories in the pictures I'm trying to

The story of the TNI Commander who can not sleep because of the Presidential Order

Image source: TNI Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo announced the determination of three suspects in the AugustaWestland helicopter (AW) 101 helicopter case in a press conference at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Building Jakarta on Friday (05/26/2017).

The story of the mayor of New York beliefs Muslim policewomen from the threat of citizens

Image source: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was very sick of the incident when a female policeman who was also a Muslim in the city reported being threatened by a man. "Hey, ISIS,

The story of Jusuf Kalla when his plane was arrested in the United States

Image source: JAKARTA, – Vice President Jusuf Kalla revealed that he had experienced unpleasant treatment by the airport authorities in the United States due to administrative errors in computer systems. At that time, the plane