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The row of one’s psychological causes can be a clown phobia, horrible!

Image source: Many people are uncomfortable with the existence of clowns. Even just by looking and being a bit far away, it can make someone so anxious. There is even a popular phobia of this, namely

The Right Way to Distribute Child Talent

Image source: Every child must have talent in their respective fields, and maybe it escaped the attention of parents. A wide variety of talents is owned by every child, and if the talent can be channeled

The Right Way To Declare Love

Image source: Love is a gift, and almost all human beings experience it. A flowering heart when it comes to a loved one, there is a terrible longing for a long time not meeting. But it

The Right Diet Should Not Avoid Carbohydrates

Image source: Carbohydrates are the nutrients that are the main source of energy from the main macro nutrients other than fats and proteins that must exist in a balanced nutritional pattern to determine the health of

The Perfect Kitchen Must Meet These 5 Aspects

Image source: – Choosing the right equipment for your kitchen is very important. Kitchen is not just a room for cooking, but more than that. The kitchen can be the heart of your home, where

The Mysterious Ring Berafafkan God Found in the Viking Nation’s Tomb

Image source: – A mysterious ring engraved with the name of God, found in the 9th century Viking cemetery in Sweden. As quoted from, a ring of glass, previously thought to be an amethyst

The Love That I Have Possessed and Continued My Chase

Image source: Love comes suddenly, do not know the time and do not know any place. In fact, sometimes you do not know who it is love. When the world feels so beautiful and fun, that's

The Last Debate Forgetting Animals Indonesia!

Image source:×768.jpg [/ caption] The presidential and vice presidential debates had reached its peak last night (5/7/2014). Both candidates appear to be at war with each other, though it seems unclear. The candidate's candidate is committed

The Impact of Mount Eruptions on Global Warming

Image source: There is much debate about the role of humans in global climate change (Global Warming). Some experts argue that the role could be through fossil fuel and the release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) of gas,

The Impact of Jokowi Photo Antre Foods against Child Behavior

Image source:, Jakarta Photo President Jokowi is lining up to take the food was so warm conversation. The President was not in line with other officials, but with the children. People who saw the photo