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Wonderful! 5 This Game is Used For Military Tests

Image source: Game is one of the best alternatives used to entertain most people. And the game also believes able to refresh the brain and fatigue after tired of the mind because it continues to wrestle

Top 10 Technology Companies in the Year 2016

Image source: It is undeniable that every day technology is undergoing rapid development and is accompanied by the emergence of new technology companies. Not a few companies that ultimately fail and stop in the middle of

Top 10 Best Android Graphics War Games

Image source: Playing a war themed game, it is very exciting and exciting. Moreover, if played from the point of view of the first person (First Person Shooter) or as a strategy game. Before the era

Reasons Why You Should Use Android Compared to iOS

Image source:×358.jpg Since it was first released in 2007, Android is slowly beginning to subvert many platforms and smartphone vendors who do not use it. Call it the Nokia that fell until then purchased by Microsoft,

Due to Play Pokemon GO, Japanese Trucker This Truck 2 Women

Image source: Entering the third month of Pokemon GO officially released and played many people, has many unique events that occur due to Pokemon GO. This time a scary incident occurred in Japan due to playing

100x Faster than 4G, Here’s Another 5G Facts You Need To Know!

Image source: Technological developments grow so rapidly and happen very quickly. Even so with the internet network. I do not feel now we are in the 4th generation or that we are familiar with 4G. Speaking

100 Voice Commands You Might Know in Google Now

Image source: If Apple has Siri san Microsoft has Cortana, then Google also has a virtual asistan app called Google Now. Google Now is a virtual assistant to let you know about things like, weather, time

25 Best Free Android Casual Games 2017 That Make You Hooked

Image source: Being one of the most popular game genres on the Google Play Store, casual games, casual, has many game titles you can download and play for free. Evidently, Android casual games are quite liked

18 Android Smartphone with World’s Fastest Processor 2017 (Snapdragon 835)

Image source:×394.jpg If you intend to buy Android flagship smartphone in 2017, one of the most important things is the chipset used. Make sure your smartphone is already using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which is

16 MOBA Games Like the Best DotA on Android and iOS

Image source: You must be familiar with the same game called Defense of the Ancients or more popular with the name DotA, and the sequel DotA 2? Among all of you, there must be a playin,