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15 Ways to Save Android Smartphone Battery Up To 2 Days!

Image source: Smartphones have become a staple of today's human needs. And Android smartphone users dominate the number of smartphone users in the world. Proud not tuh using Android? One of the obstacles that many experienced

15 PC Game With Best HD Graphics 2017

Image source: Who does not like to play games? This activity is certainly a hobby of many people, whether it is just a spare time, or indeed the profession as a professional gamer. Seeing the crowd

15 Most Unique Useful Smartphone Accessories That You Must Have

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15 Most Stressful Android RPG Games 2017

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15 Best Zombie Games 2017 Free on Android, Making Tense!

Image source: Jaka would recommend more than fifteen best zombie games for Android. Well talking about zombies, what the hell that crossed your mind? Certainly things are pretty horrible is not it? Yes, zombies are a

15 Best Racing Games on Android, Nyesel If Not Install!

Image source: Racing or racing games is one of the most popular gaming categories among smartphone users as it presents stunning graphics that spoil the eye. Not to mention the action-packed kebutan, very entertaining the players.

15 Best Free PC Game in STEAM 2016

Image source: Perhaps what comes to mind when talking about STEAM is definitely a game shopping place. It's true, Steam like Play Store on Android which also has a lot of free games or Free to

14 Best Video Games to Release October 2017

Image source: Playing video games is one way you can do to relieve stress and relax your mind for a moment. You can play the video game either on PC, console or also on your smartphone

14 Android Games Save Memory On Smartphone RAM 256 MB (Part 1)

Image source:×500/filters:fill(white)/product/23/02285/1.jpg?0969 For you Android smartphone users with 256 MB of RAM capacity will experience a heavy trial when want to use certain applications, especially game enthusiast. Because not every game can be played smoothly, some

13 Zombie Game It’s Guaranteed Not Lose Fun from Plant Vs Zombie

Image source: Zombie game genre is gaining popularity among gamers and is increasingly being played. Call it Plant vs. Zombie is so popular that has been downloaded more than 100 million times in the Play Store.