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These 3 Future Technologies Can Save the World of Bill Gates Version

Image source: Bill Gates as we already know is a figure who has popularity, wealth and generous. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft has been providing many ideas and innovations in many areas related to

The 7 Most Powerful and Cool PC Survival Games of All Time!

Image source:–eOTo-lsj–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1506040012946400938.jpg Game survival has several types such as RPG survival or Openworld survival. To be honest these two games are the same but there is a slight difference, if the Openworld survival game has a

7 This Game Most Causes Controversy Due to an Inappropriate Scene

Image source: Video Game is so popular among the various community from children to parents though. Therefore, various developers competing to present video games with various genres to be played by various circles. Not a few

7 Smartphone Octa Core Best Price $300

Image source: In the past we never thought mobile phone technology would be like this right? The phone is now increasingly mushrooming and added sophisticated yes. Especially, in terms of the kitchen pacunya. Technology and mobile

7 Open-World Games with Widest Map that Mandatory Gamers Play

Image source:×365.jpg Open-world seems to be one of the most favored genres by gamers around the world. Why? Freedom of exploration in the vast world while performing various activities in it becomes the main attraction for

7 Most Unique and Latest FREE Android Applications August 2018 Edition

Image source:×462.png There are many apps in the Google Play Store that offer the same functionality. However, some of them are packaged in a more unique way and offer a different experience. Of the many new

7 Most Fun Android Game Edition May 2017 Repel All!

Image source: If you're bored, have lots of free time, or else wait for something, one of the most exciting activities to get rid of saturation is to play games via smartphone. The most exciting Android

7 Most Controversial Android Games that Google Play Store Blocked

Image source: Of the millions of apps and games that circulate in the Google Play Store, of course not everything is safe and worth to be installed on our favorite Android HP. Among the many applications

7 Mistakes While Playing MOBA Game Arena of Valor (AOV), KZL!

Image source: Arena of Valor (AOV) is as exciting as Mobile Legends. Especially after Batman, Super Hero DC like Superman and Wonder Woman has been confirmed to be present at AOV. Well the name is also

7 Latest Android Free Game September 2017 Edition to Train Brain!

Image source: With the right portion, playing games has a positive impact for the players loh. As it makes it easy for you to learn English, train your brain, and improve your learning skills. Well there