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7 FPS Game Cooler than Call of Duty (CoD)

Image source: One of the genres of gamers that are gamers are now FPS or Firts Person Shooter who always offer an exciting sensation of play. By taking the background of the first person, this will

7 FPS Android Games The Best Zombie-themed 2017

Image source: FPS games (first person shooter) is a genre of games that many people like, whether on the desktop or mobile. FPS game itself has a variety of themes, one example is Zombie. Many people

7 Facts from a GO Pokemon that you have no idea about

Image source: No wonder if you play Pokemon Go. Because the game that uses Augmented Reality in playing it successfully brings nuances of nostalgia in a different way. When else can feel Pokemon hunt in the

7 Causes Laptops Like To Die Here Them How to Overcome them. Do not panic, Yes!

Image source: Of the many problems that are common in gadgets, laptops that die alone are the most annoying and horrible. Sebalnya, because the activity we are doing suddenly stopped, not to mention if by chance

7 Casual Games It Matches Play While Waiting for the Adzan Maghrib

Image source: In the month of Ramadan, Muslims every time do the tradition ngabuburit. Taken from Sundanese, in this fasting month, synonymous with activities undertaken to spend time before the breaking fast, or Maghrib adzan. Many

7 Best PSVR Games of All Time

Image source: Playstation VR is a virtual reality headset made by Sony which was released in October 2016. This device was first introduced through the event E3 2016, which was then called Project Morpheus. PSVR has

7 Best Gadgets That Can Be Used For Nature Lovers

Image source:–tech-gadgets-diy-spy-gadgets.jpg When you are out in the wild and it turns out that you are lost in the forest, need clean water and food, the phone battery runs out, and you do not know where

7 Best Free Android Games with Stunning Graphics August 2017 Edition

Image source:×576.jpg One of the new ways to form our brains in a positive way is to make it smarter, faster, and stronger to think is to play games. Therefore, Jaka always routinely presents the best

7 Best Android HD Games under 50MB

Image source: Back again with the discussion of the best small HD Android game. This game is suitable for you who really want to play the game bergrafis charming, but the remaining memory is not sufficient

7 Best Android Games That Make You Sure in the Toilet

Image source: Playing games is one activity that can be done to fill the spare time. Even when you're in the toilet, there are some games that are suitable for you to play. If you want