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7 Android Survival Games That You Must Play Once Lifetime

Image source: The genre of survival is quite a lot of devotees because this theme is good in the real world or movies are always liked by everyone. Game survival is a game that focuses on

6 Tips to Maintain Best Performance Android

Image source: Currently, many mobile phone vendors are releasing smartphones with Android OS. The Android OS is available for free under the Apache license. This OS allows users to easily make calls, manage SMS, take photos,

6 Things that ‘HARAM’ When Playing Mobile Legends, Do not Be Dilakuin ..

Image source: Mobile Legends is a game that has the MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena like Dota 2. Definitely the games that have the genre really need a cooperation and team cohesiveness if you want

6 Technology in Movies That We Always Want To Have. When are these Things Not Just Fantasy

Image source: Just imagine, a person who lived a hundred years ago would have thought that this age was full of miracles. Ah do not go all the way, just ask your grandparents, they would say

6 Signs You Must Replace New Smartphones in the Year 2017

Image source:×374.jpg?w=723 The year 2017 is in sight. Various technological trends that will become a trend in the next year have started to emerge. Starting from the best games to smartphones, the year 2017 will certainly

6 Funny and Light Game This Guaranteed Can Eliminate Stress

Image source: Game play activities are fun and can be done by anyone. Not only as a hobby, playing games are also often done people to entertain themselves and fill the spare time. Not a few

6 Fatal Mistakes Used by Technology Users

Image source: Technology is made to facilitate the life of its users. So no wonder if the more advanced technology, the easier way of human life. Like now, everything is getting easier. But as technology progresses,

6 Existing Future Technology in the Past

Image source: Technology is growing all the time. Times are getting more sophisticated and progressing. As we know developed countries have issued a technology that can even save human life and sophisticated innovation. Not even a

6 Coolest Indie Games of All Time

Image source: Indie Games is a game developed independently by parties and without any financial assistance from a publisher. Usually they are more focused on innovation with different gameplay innate when compared with the game market.

6 Controversial Games Blocked App Store Yet Pass in Google Play Store

Image source: Different operating systems, of course, different places where we will download the application. If Android has the Google Play Store as a spearhead, then Apple has an App Store that also provides a lot