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6 Best Open World Games In Android 2017

Image source: Open World, is a game that allows players to roam freely throughout the available folders in the game. Even so, the game also has a variety of missions to complete as a condition of

6 Best Open World Android Game That Makes Its Main Sense

Image source:×0/__key/CommunityServer-Blogs-Components-WeblogFiles/00-00-00-00-09/1374.hulk.jpg Open world game android has many advantages, namely the free user to interact in the game. Many open world games are played on PC or Playstation etc. And when the user again lazily open

6 Best Hunting Games For Android and PC

Image source:–1dql8sguchckEfliXfLJEv280lQwL_oQ=h900 For some people, hunting is something that is less fun because we are required to kill the animals either by shooting the hunting but do not like to kill animals, there are alternatives to

6 Android Games Adapted From Best Movies

Image source: It is undeniable that the gaming industry is now as big as the movie industry, which we can see with the many games adapted to the big screen, namely Resident Evil, Angry Bird to

5 Ways to Steal a Smartphone that Frequently used for Criminals

Image source: Currently the smartphone has become an important item that should not be left behind, let alone lost. You see on your smartphone there must be a lot of important data that do not want

5 Most Great Ways to Charge Handphone Without Electricity

Image source: Running out of smartphone batteries has indeed become a common complaint in today's smartphone life. This often makes smartphone users upset. In addition to recharge the battery using electric power or use the power

5 Tips for Choosing Electricity-Efficient AC For Home Appliances

Image source: Imagine how hot the temperature of the air in Jakarta, the taste-it seems lazy to live there. Air pollution here and there, will endanger the health of the family while living at home. Moreover,

5 This Sophisticated Technologies Help You See What’s Invisible

Image source: The eye is the window of the world and the ability of the human eye itself is amazing. But there are many things that the human eye can not see. Either because the movement

5 This Danger Dies You If the Live Video Streaming Frequency, Number 3 Seram Banget!

Image source: Bigo Live, Nono Live, Cliponyu, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live, some of the phenomenal streaming live platforms that are currently popular with people. As a live streaming host, you can increase your earnings and

5 Things We Need to Know about Renewable Energy

Image source: Lately we must often hear about renewable energy. Actually what is renewable energy? Is renewable energy the same as solar energy? Well, so you do not wonder, here are 5 things we need to