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5 The Best Offline Games It’s Right To Charge Your Long Holiday

Image source: When fasting, surely we have a lot of spare time. In addition to the time used for worship, there are times when also used for refreshing. Here Jaka will tell you 5 games that

5 Processors That Will Spy on High-End Smartphones 2017-2018

Image source: SoCs (System-on-a-Chip, also called processors and chipsets) are at the heart of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other devices we use every day. This upcoming processor is smaller, but has high performance and more energy

5 Powerful Tips to Save Your Home Electricity

Image source: Electricity is one of the necessities of our life today. Everyday a lot of equipment and needs our activities that use electrical power to work. For example computers, washing machines, tv and other tools

5 Popular Games It Takes Famous Artist Characters Lho! Anyone

Image source: In the making of modern video games today, studios will need an actor or actress to create 3D characters. It aims to make the game look more real character with the support of motion

5 Most Wanted Games in the Year 2018

Image source:×640.jpg How do you care about the games to be released? For some people, finding information from the start of the release time to whatever platform the game is released is not so important. Especially

5 Issues Facing Technology Companies After Trump being President

Image source: Donald Trump officially elected as the 45th President of the United States (US) replaces Barack Obama after the vote counting of US elections completed on Wednesday (9/11/2016) then. Tech industry actors in the

5 Games that can drain your brain. Be prepared for you to be annoyed by it !!!

Image source: Today's technology is growing rapidly growing. Especially in the process of development, was born an object known as gadgets or portable computers and the like. in a gadget and a lot of PC presents

5 First Person Shooting (FPS) Game Augmented Reality Best Version of the Road Rats

Image source:×400.jpg?resize=598%2C337 FPS games or first person shooting is one genre of games that are quite old and popular among gamers. Games with this genre are also spread evenly in various platforms, including Android. Along with

5 Facts Google Tango Project Makes GPS Navigation Without Internet

Image source: Project Tango Google first introduced Google on June 5, 2014 or about 2 years ago. However, his adoption of a new commercial smartphone began in June 2016. Lenovo Phab Pro 2 is the first

5 Dreadful Consequences If Too Old To Use Smartphones

Image source: Chats, photographs, existing in social media, to play cool games can be done on smartphones. No wonder if ultimately many people who really addicted to his smartphone. Especially now many more sophisticated smartphones. However,