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5 Coolest Android Features You Need to Know

Image source:×0/2014/11/24/52d287c9-0827-4520-923a-fb059d8d1d5c/dan-graziano-slideshow-05.jpg Smartphones are an indispensable device nowadays. Each vendor is also competing in making smartphones that have the most sophisticated specifications and also the coolest features in order to compete with other smartphones. Did you

5 Classic SEGA Games That Can Be Played on Android Smartphones

Image source:×473.jpg Retro game enthusiasts, especially from the SEGA console recently received good news with the presence of SEGA Forever Collection. With the release of SEGA Forever Collection, you can play free SEGA games on both

5 Biggest Hack Cases During 2015

Image source: Security in the digital world today is a very important thing because people can easily access other people's personal data and use it for certain things and sometimes even for bad. Well during 2015

5 Best Selling Games of All Time

Image source: Gaming industry increasingly crowded with the presence of the latest games from various developers around the world. Every year, there are games that are released, both in the form of new and advanced games

5 Best Programming Languages Used In 2017

Image source: Many programming languages ??are used to create software, Android apps, other mobile apps, even programming languages ??to create a cool website. Well, as berkembanganya digital era, then there is the best programming language that

5 Best Moneymaking Game 2017

Image source: A game today is not enough to be enjoyed as a mere means of entertainment, some developers try to offer something that can be an attraction for homemade games, one of which is a

5 Best High-End Gaming Laptops In The World So Far

Image source: Playing games is a very popular entertainment by many people ranging from children to adults. Games that used to only be played through consoles like PlayStation and XBox, have now been popping up on

5 Best HD Monitor For Gaming PC From $100

Image source: For the gamers, the main factor for playing games is not just lies in the computer spec. The best monitor device is also worth noting. However, monitor devices also affect the visual quality of

5 Best HD Android Game in 2015

Image source: Again, towards the end of 2015, we will give you a great article about the exciting Android games. If you are an acute game player, would like to dong with Android games with HD

5 Best Games with Exceptional Dystopia Concepts

Image source: Game is one of the most popular entertainment media and liked by various circles ranging from small children to adults. From year to year, game developments increasingly lure gamers, from gameplay, graphics and even