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5 Battle Spell in Mobile Legends It Can Help Kill Enemy Quickly

Image source: If you are one of the Mobile Legends players who want to be serious and deep, then you should know about the Battle Spell there. Because after all this is also quite important, which

5 Augmented Reality Applications You Might Try

Image source:×578/8351c47022fa7216e3855994076aab18/apple-iphone-7-product-2016-039.jpg Augmented Reality technology is very fast developing, many application developers who have started using AR technology into the application besutannya. Augmented reality or commonly abbreviated AR itself is a technology that combines two-dimensional virtual

5 Android Games with Best Story Stories

Image source: Like a movie, a game can be considered good if it also has a story line (story line) that makes players lost in the game. We can see from many well-known games, not only

5 Android game Impersonator Harvest Moon, Something You Play

Image source: Who does not know the game Harvest Moon, simulation of plantations accompanied by social activities with villagers who are peppered with romance romance. This game was a favorite of gamers from the beginning of

5 Android Chatting Apps It’s More Fun of WhatsApp!

Image source: Android Chat application is now very much a variety of chat services like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp, and I think the four services are the most popular in Indonesia, did you know that there

4 Powerful Ways to Fix Damaged or Unread Memory Cards

Image source: SD card (SDCard) or so-called external memory is one of the most needed devices today. Although there are many gadgets that have large internal memory, users still need a memory card (MicroSD) to store

4 Human controversy that must be a robot so as not to be ‘eliminated’

Image source: Today we already feel the benefits of artificial intelligence. This is a very broad aspect, but from the lay side, we can see how the intelligence of virtual assistant apps like Siri and Google

4 Best Drone Photos in the Year 2017 It Makes You Have Drones!

Image source: Dronestagram is a special social media drone users show off their drone shots. Not only that, all the photos present at Dronestagram will surely make you drool! Each year, Dronestagram works with National Geographic

4 Best Android Multiplayer Games May 2016

Image source: Who has not known the famous games such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Let's Get Rich, or other online games. Game above can make you upset, stress, happy, and various other feelings. But

3D Printer Successfully Prints Replica Mummy Iceman tzi With Perfect

Image source: 3D Printing is a technology that is amazing for all circles because of its function that can create various forms of objects of material desired by the users are no exception archaeologists. Archaeologists use