Cerpen Queue 028

Cerpen Queue 028

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What a precious time for me. Every second I hope to be useful. Then now the queue still shows the number 003. Should I continue to look down the cyber world?

There is only one active teller. Then, it should take ten minutes in each queue number. Then I'll wait for about three hours. This is true in vain. Ah, I do not let this.

In the 005 queue, I'm already in a growing impatience. I went to the teller and showed my emotions.

"This is where the other tellers are, the other tables are empty, why are not they filled in. How are you doing?"

"Father apologies, father came during the religious festivities, so many of our personnel are on leave."

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will try to serve as much as possible," said the teller patiently.

The other people sitting in the queue looked at me cynically. I went back to the queue.

But my patience has run out in the queue to 17. I stand to ruin the banners.

"It's been a long time, it's been a long time since I've been waiting, it's a useless thing, you're a shit, I've never made such useless things," I said in a high tone.

"We have given information through outside banners and banners here, that our service is not maximal due to personnel limitations," he said.

"I'm sorry sir, with the father's behavior like this, unconsciously father has done something that is not useful," said the teller while clearing the banners that fell because of my act.I paused. I was embarrassed then, but I had to finish this queue. Until finally my number was called. I'm still served kindly by the teller I've done badly. Verily I am sorry.

"Thank you sir, if you wish, please write your contact number here," said the teller with a smile as he held out the agenda book. I also wrote it and came out with a hurry.


The night before midnight suddenly a short message came in my cell phone. "We apologize for our services that are not maxed out in this week As we have socialized the policy, we are queuing the queue number of fathers / mothers and gentlemen.As who get a cash draw of Rp500.000 today is queue number 003. 017 and 028," write the short message.

Oh really, I did not read the service. My emotion is the greatest vanity in life. There's no way I can take the gift. Of course I'm embarrassed.

Lubuk Pakam 22122017

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