Characteristics of Cheats Dibiro Jodoh Online

Characteristics of Cheats Dibiro Jodoh Online

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Various ways humans do to find a mate, one of them through online dating agency. Some people are still uncomfortable looking for a mate via the internet because it feels as if advertising itself but online dating agency is quite useful for people who want to find a foreign partner.

For those who have long known the internet, used to chat, join dating site, social media etc may have instinct or experience so as to distinguish which one is really looking for a mate or who intend to cheat. But for those who have recently known the internet is rather difficult to also recognize the "predators" in this virtual world. Moreover, they are increasingly skillful in ensnaring their prey.

Many dating site or online dating agency there is a free there is also a fee of between US $ 29 -49 / month. If a lot of scammers or "scammers" were just "standard member" members now these "scammers" did not hesitate to be "Gold" or "Platinum member" (pay monthly dues) on the dating site just to boost prestige , their trust and appeal to prospective prey.

Many online bureaus require voluntary verification of data on their members, usually requiring a passport scan, driver's license or other identity and member payments typically with a credit card or pay pal. If you want to be serious, look for members who have a "verified" mark on their profile. But only a small number of members want the data to be verified. What if you have a crush on unverified members? Based on my survey and experience, there are some characteristics of "scammer" (while women only):

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1. Usually masang a photo of a handsome man with a cool appearance, rich impression or a photo that is posing with babies / small children or with funny animals. Most women usually like to see men who seem to love children or animals. Do not easily tempted the handsome face of Caucasians, because the original not necessarily he could be the Philipine, Malaysia, India, Nigeria etc. who upload photos of others.

2. Likes to confess working in the oil company. It's their favorite job, second favorite profession of civil engineer, third doctor of the four businessmen. So if you are acquainted with a WNA man who claims to work in Exxon, Chevron, Aramco, Mobil Oil, Caltex etc. do not be happy just yet.

3. Most of the "scammers" claim to be from the UK (Australian and American second) and are on duty outside of the country. Most claim to have contracts in Malaysia or Africa. So if you are acquainted with Caucasians from England who work in Oil companies in Malaysia or Arab or American civil engineers who are on duty in Africa due to work contract. Do not believe it.

4. Read their profile carefully, if diprofilnya write words that reflect the noble personality and wise do not easily trapped. His profile is usually written, race, religion, age and appearance are not important issues of mutual love and understanding. (Hmmm So sweet …)5. Some scammers avoid webcam chat, they prefer via email or phone. Because chatting with a webcam can make the tamer open. First send a message on the dating site they usually love the email to correspondence via email. There are also survivors who just want to send and receive messages through the dating site.

6. Newly acquainted has sent a long letter containing seduction and dare to call dear, sweety, honey etc. seasoned stories like soap operas for example orphans parents died or his wife died etc. Anyway a heartfelt story. They also usually claim to be new or first members of the online dating agency.

Those are some of their characteristics. How to avoid it?

1. Ask him to add you so friends on Facebook, investigate his friends in FB. Actually quite easy to recognize a person's life through FBnya. For example, I've been acquainted with people who claimed to work in Exxon, but as soon as he saw his FB, his picture was only 2, his friend was 20 and there was rarely any interaction on his FB, let alone signifying him or his work friends at Exxon. Differences with the FB someone who proved to be working in the oil company must be FBnya full interaction with friends and family or join the group union. For example Permiqa (Indonesian oil workers' Union in Qatar)

2. If he claimed not have FB, try to send a letter from his email .. If you have email, check the IP Addressnya. If he confesses from the UK but IP Addressnya from Africa or Asia should be suspected. (how to check IP address easy koq, in google aja)

3. Invite to chat webcam use if he refused to continue, must be wary of. If he wants to chat with webcam, ask him to stand up or wave his hand to make sure that he's real is not just a camera-highlighted photo.

For more info can type in gooole "dating site scams" it will appear various websites that provide information and photographs used by the "scammer". Hopefully this is useful for those who are looking for soul mates of foreigners in cyberspace …

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