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Image source: – Jakarta, October 2, 2016 4 Super Friends, a series of mother and child collaboration books, Valerina Daniel and Keisha Andryananto were launched by the Mizan Children and Youth Division in Jakarta to coincide with the Indonesia International Book Fair 2016 at the Jakarta Convention Center . The event was attended by the Minister of Environment and Forestry RI, Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc and Sari Meutia, CEO of Mizan Pustaka.

Fiction and fables are never timeless, always fun for children as well as parents because the messages are packed in an entertaining style. Book 4 Super Companion was born from Keisha's imagination and fantasies-first daughter Valerina's 7-year-old about animal friendship in saving the environment. The animal character was inspired by four members of our family, namely father, mother, Keisha himself and his sister, so Valerina started the book launching event, The Story of "4 Super Companions" is not out of the attention of Valerina who is also an ambassador of the environment on environmental issues.

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This is similar to that delivered by the Minister of Environment and Forestry RI, Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc Consistency Valerina in conveying message to love environment from small, very I appreciation. Since being elected as ambassador of the environment until now as a parent, he continues to strive to instill this movement through various means. The book "4 Super Companions" is a creative way for Indonesian families to get to know the rich and love nature of Indonesia from an early age. "

The story of "4 Super Companions" tells of the friendship of four animals, namely; Orana Orangutan, Want Tiger, Cendra Cendrawasih and Kombo Komodo. Each character 4 Super Companions has the power of each to save the forest and its inhabitants from the destruction of the environment by those who are not responsible.

The orangutans are clever to climb trees and cultivate their minds, Brave and fast-paced tigers, Cendrawasih can fly high and see distant objects, as well as powerful Komodo lifting heavy objects and have a strong body, "Keisha told the character in her book.

As a series of books for this first publication, Publisher Mizan Pustaka released three books titles "4 Super Companions", namely; Helping Tarsius, Capturing Elephant Hunters and Rescuing Leopard Loops are packed in hard cover with interesting stories and illustrations of drawings for family reading.

Mizan is very concerned about good quality readings for children. We do not just engage Indonesian children as readers, but also open the opportunity to share their imagination and fantasies in a work, the book. Because we believe that this can encourage children to love books, beginning with their families, as the initial foundation that shapes the child's character until later adulthood, as Sari Meutia, CEO of Mizan Pustaka in a media talks at the book launching event. "4 Sahabat Super".

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The launch of the book "4 Super Friends" on the main stage of Indonesia International Book Fair, enlivened with a fairy tale with Keisha attended by dozens of elementary school students in Jakarta. On that occasion, Valerina urges parents to invite their children to love the environment starting from simple things as early as possible, for example by planting trees on birthdays and love animals.

Through books, parents can share stories with children, which not only strengthen the bond between parent-child, but also the opportunity to instill good values ??as a provision for the child, Therefore, I invite parents to share photos and videos with hashtag # 4SuperSuper #ParentsAnakTellows and tags / mentions to my Instagram account @valerina_daniel and @penerbitmizan. For the lucky ones, will get attractive prizes, said Valerina closed the event.(vem / nda)

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