Child Learning Empathy From Pets

Child Learning Empathy From PetsLetting children know and love animals is very beneficial to cultivate their empathy. From these results, your child becomes a sensitive feeling that other environment is also happening and not arbitrary or unconcerned.

Naturally if children like and admire animals. Whether it's the animal figures told in the comics, movies, or what they see directly, whether at home, zoo, or at the farm. The bond that develops between the child and the pet is very deep, it can be like the emotional bond between the child and the nearest person.

What's behind their admiration for animals? Whatever the reason, research shows, children get valuable lessons from their interactions with animals. Pets can provide affection, fill loneliness, and help relieve stress.

Feeding a turtle or a fish can teach a sense of responsibility and give sensitivity to care and care. Visiting farms or zoos, giving children the opportunity to learn about habitat and survival. In short, the best learning in your child's life.

Learning From Fish

By having a pet at home, means you invite children to know the animal life environment into everyday life. In other words, like everyday biology lessons.

Pets provide an immediate opportunity for children to learn closely how God's creation (other than humans) moves, sees, smells, even senses. In addition, pets can help children to understand various animals.

The results showed, 5-year-old children who maintain carp at home would be better and sensitive in understanding how toads eat and grow big compared with his friends who do not have direct experience. Goldfish and other fish can also help children learn about empathy. Children are not automatically born with the ability to see and feel from the perspective of others.

Especially when the other person is very different from them. You can imagine a preschooler choosing toys or dolls for his father's birthday. Animals by the way they move, eat, and communicate, are very different from humans. It also poses challenges to the children about my perspective of me or of being.

These unique moments give children the opportunity to walk and see the world through animal eyeglasses. One of the bonuses of learning empathy in this way is a better awareness of caring for animal welfare. children who understand animal behavior more can embrace human behavior. In addition, empathy towards the animal world can be contagious and more sensitive to human needs.

Sharpen SensitivityPets sharpen children's sensitivity toward friendship, support, and love. Pets are always ready to give the attention and attention they give undivided, especially to something fun. Pets can not say sweet talk dong !!. But instead, he gives his ear to hear. No wonder many children see their pets as a trigger of passion.

Caring Skills

By having animals, such as hamsters, cats, fish, or whatever, the child will have the opportunity to nurture, care for, and take care of.

Although we as parents have given the best for children so that when growing grow they will be sensitive to how to care and care for others. In fact, the learning can also be obtained from the opportunity to care for children and take care of pets.

That's the benefit of keeping pets, so that children can learn empathy from the pet. Hopefully the short article is useful for you all.

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