Child Subject Exploitasi Kok Bisa Ini Proof ..

Child Subject ExploitasiFunny and unique. To this day the definition of the child is still a world problem. Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development, defines children as people under the age of 20. The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines children as persons under the age of 18.

Meanwhile, WHO in 2003, defines children as human beings aged between 014 years. According to them the definition is based because at this age that small humans have a large risk tendency.

Because not to be outdone, this country also has its own criteria, even already grouped. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the composition of Indonesian population by age group consists of young people (0-14 years). Above age is categorized as productive age until age 64 years.

Meanwhile, Child's understanding based on social review is a social being as well as an adult. Children need others to be able to help develop their abilities because the child is born with all the weaknesses so that without other children it is impossible to achieve a normal level of humanity.

According to John Locke the child is a person who is still clean and sensitive to stimuli from the environment.

While Augustine, the founder of child psychology, says that children are not the same as adults, children have a tendency to deviate from law and order caused by the limitations of knowledge and understanding of the reality of life, children are easier to learn with the examples it receives from compelling rules.

The child's meaning is also supposed to include the child's period or existence. It is, in theory, used to avoid poisoning about the meaning of the child in relation to the parent and the child's own understanding after becoming a parent.

Kasiram (1994), says the child is a progressive being who has feelings, thoughts, desires, which are all psychological totality and different traits and structures at each stage of their development.

Until here anyone, including me, is confused about the definition of the child. Because there are many more definitions of children, including the division in the theory of child development with the most famous character Jean Piaget.

Also here as parents who have become, even children, we are also involved in the above polemic by giving them a myriad of obligations to be paid with achievement and pride.

Perhaps the most appropriate definition for a child is a subject to be exploited. Do not believe? Just look at the ads on television. Look at the international school brochures or high-cost schools. Ask yourself, why they advertise their products, why they make interesting brochures. For the sake of children or for the pockets of entrepreneurs. This is not much different from the exploits made by scientists and the state.In Chinese New Year celebrations, chunyun becomes one of the must. Meet family, neighbors and share love is to be the most meaningful moment. But what is most remarkable to me is how Chinese tradition teaches that going home does not always refer to the home of parents.

The Chinese tradition teaches, the house can be countless, the house can be anywhere, but it must be remembered that the inhabitants of the house will always protect. And the house is China. Welcome home!

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