Children Need Cancer Treatment Costs, This Athlete Should Sell His Medal

Children Need Cancer Treatment Costs, This Athlete Should Sell His – Winning the Olympic Rio may indeed be proud, but the pride will surely double when the medals achieved can be beneficial for more positive things. And this is done by a Polish athlete named Piotr Malachowski.

Piotr Malachowski is a discus throwing athlete in the eyes of the world. In 2008 then while in Beijing he managed to win a silver medal, as well as the current Rio Olympics. He brought a silver medal in his hand. But instead of being brought home, he actually sold the medal.

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Various greetings congratulated on him, but there is one congratulation that is different from the others. The congratulations came from a mother named Goshia. He said his 3-year-old son, Olek, had cancer of retinoblastoma or eye cancer.

Because of his son's illness, Goshia asks Piotr Malachowski for help that the only way to save his son is to send him to New York City for treatment there. And the core word, the cost of such treatment is too expensive to bear alone.

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When he found out about the story of Olek, Piotr Malachowski felt the door of his heart be knocked. He knew that this might be fate. He is willing to help and the way he is taking is to sell the silver medal he won a few moments ago. In his Facebook account, Piotr says his reason for selling silver medals and stories about this cancer boy.

He also said, "I struggled in Rio to get gold, now I have another call to fight, let's fight together for something more meaningful, for the healing and health of this sweet child."


It did not take long for this news to spread and many were bidding on the medal. Although no mention of how many medals were sold, but Piotr said that the money is enough to cover the cost of treatment required family Olek. He also expressed his gratitude for the attention and participation of many people for this.

Of course, this not only makes Piotr Malachowski a great athlete, but also a man with a heart that is not less great. Take for example the ladies.(vem / feb)

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