China Made the Sun Made 3 Times Hotter than the Original Sun

China Made the Sun Made 3 Times Hotter than the Original Sun

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Often we complain when traveling or move outside in broad daylight. Yes, especially because of the heat of the sun. Not to mention the air pollution and global warming is increasing so that the temperature of the earth is also getting hotter. Do not imagine how hot the temperature of the sun?

It is surprising and is a great discovery happening in China. In February of this year, scientists in China have succeeded in creating an artificial sun. Even the heat is claimed to defeat the heat of the original solar core that is 3 times hotter. How is the story?

China Creates a Sun-Made Sun 3 times Hotter than the Original Sun.

# China's 'artificial sun' makes fusion breakthrough, successfully obtaining high-confinement plasma for record time
People's Daily, China (@PDChina) November 4, 2016

Reporting from Tech Viral, by utilizing nuclear fusion energy, they make a nuclear reactor plasma that produces artificial solar heat reaching 50 million kelvin or nearly 50 million degrees celsius. As a comparison, the heat from the original solar core is reported to be about 15 million degrees celsius.

If previously artificial solar heat (50 million kelvins) lasted for 102 seconds, scientists have now managed to maintain up to a full minute. All of these experiments were conducted at the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) facility at the Plasma Physics Institute in Hefei.

The purpose of this study was to make an exact copy of the nuclear fusion that occurs deep within the solar core. Next, they make a hot ionized gas known as plasma (in which atoms converge together to create enormous amounts of energy).

This achievement makes China one step closer to practical fusion power and at the same time puts the Bamboo Curtain Country equivalent to the capabilities of the European Union, the United States, Russia, and Japan which is a leading country in fusion technology. It is interesting how the world responds to this breakthrough from China, what do you think?

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