China’s Way to Overcome Air Pollution is more alarming

China's Way to Overcome Air Pollution is more alarming

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Remember very well after the lunar holiday of 2014 I moved other countries to follow my husband, but a few months before I still had time to notice the changes there. Most of us may know that air pollution in China is really bad because almost every year there is a haze that suddenly blanket big cities in China.

No need to far-away I look for examples of which city is often a haze because the city where I mukim that is Qingdao city Shandong province had been several times happened smog. Which, according to my observations, is already very severe because the thick fog enveloped the city to a very close viewing distance. To the extent that the schools had to close even though a few times the smoke haze was time from the morning until menejelang afternoon just disappear tetep just that name haze smoke. Even once I feel nauseous when I was outside when the smoke haze blanketed the city of Qingdao.

Do not want to continue the udarah pollution in China is getting worse then many government policies taken for example applied smoke-free areas of the vehicle. Even the various handling done by the government to overcome this air pollution, such as increasing the means of relaxing bike rental and also pay more attention to the trees. Although it has not been able to solve the problem of severe air pollution in China, it still has good effect to reduce air pollution which is getting more and more severe. Nothing wrong with making efforts to get better again.

This is what I had noticed, a few months before I left the city of Qingdao was in some corners of the city began many places of rent sepedah. We know that air pollution could be caused by emissions from vehicles whether cars, buses or motorcycles.

With the renting of the sepedah is intended to the public willing to reduce motor vehicles. The rent is also easy to enter a certain amount of money will be out of the card from the machine. The card can be used for us to unlock the bikes, and if the bucket has been completed then the card is used to lock it again.

This rental place can be found in crowded places such as shopping centers, markets or attractions. Asik is also muter muter riding a sad to see the shops along the street. Or see the sights we visit. Later if the place of tourism then that provided is sepedah tandem. Heeem riding three or two on a cool ride right? Romantic really deh haha ??unfortunately I can not gowes ontel be never nyoba. It seems that I am destined to be a true pioneer ^ _ ^ wherever ask for dianter hikss fate.

In some places there is a ban for vehicles entering the area, for example in downtown Qingdao is in Shanhaiguan Lu. Shanghaiguan Lu is the location where formerly the central government of Qingdao is located, this is where there are ancient buildings of European architecture.

There is also a campus that implements free area as Qingdao Agricultural University is not allowed motor vehicles into the area. It seems tuh if students want to go to each faculty just choose to walk or ride sepedah. Incidentally campus nih really because there are several faculties scattered in this area. If the cape road is also because of the extent ^ _ ^ so many students who bring sepedah if lazy walking.

The trees are now beginning to be noticed especially in the winter. Trees should not die to become cold because some newly planted trees are still under control. Let not die cold usually wrapped in reed or fenced and covered with plastic sheeting. So in winter I like to see a tree with a plastic tarpaulin on the side of the road. Seeing it I had time to think ihhh it turns out China can also seriously overcome this smoke pollution. We know that from a tree can be created millions of oxygen hence in China trees are also considered for air pollution can be overcome.

Maybe in the next few years if in China still seriously handle air pollution is not impossible China can handle it. Although I still hope the Chinese will reduce the tradition of reviving the fireworks so that air pollution is not getting worse. Chinese people are not good at creating things.

Try to make firecrackers or fireworks that use natural materials do not use chemicals. Because to forbid Chinese fireworks from fireworks, it is impossible to achieve where fireworks and firecrackers are an ingrained tradition. Maybe you can try looking for material that is not dangerous hehe3. Moga Indonesiapun follows China's step to seriously address air, water and land pollution.Regards Sya, 2016.02.04

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