Chocolate or Chocolate

Chocolate or Chocolate

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Haloo … how are chocolate fans around the world. There is something quite intriguing to find out about two words, this one. Often we talk about it, discuss it, even eat the product from this word, CHOCOLATE, er CHOCOLATE … er where the hell is right to spell it.

Investigate a calibaration, the right word is CHOCOLATE not Chocolate. According to Indonesian Dictionary, chocolate is:

[n] (1) a tree belonging to a hot-spring plant species, between 5-6 m tall, flowering and fruiting all year round, purple or yellow fruit hanging from a large, oval, 15-20 cm long, containing seed such as beans between 50-100 seeds, commonly processed into powder or crystal, made beverages or other delicacies; Theobroma cacao; (2) cocoa powdered powder; (3) sweets made from chocolate powder

[n] redish black color like brown

However when clicked on the same website with the word COKLAT, Sorry, the word brown is not in the dictionary !. Likewise when searched on Wikipedia, when type COKLAT, the page directly to the information about the word CHOCOLATE not CHOCOLATE. What that means is

Chocolate is the name for processed foods or beverages from cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao). [1] Chocolate was first consumed by ancient Mesoamerican residents as a drink. [1]

Chocolate is generally given as a gift or a gift at the festival. With unique shapes, styles and flavors, chocolate is often used as an expression of gratitude, sympathy, or concern even as a statement of love. Chocolate has also become one of the most popular flavors in the world, besides being the most commonly consumed chocolate bars, chocolate is also a hot and cold drink ingredient …. so click this link

But in reality these two words, CHOCOLATE and CHOCOLATE are often used in our society in Indonesia, to describe the trees / plants, groceries, ready-to-eat products as mentioned above.

Make us the right word that is chocolate, we use for the name of a specialty store selling chocolate raw materials, chocolate making equipment, chocolate ready to eat with various variants with the name:

Well, for the readers wherever you are, what do you think the proper word is CHOCOLATE or BROWN ?. If there is a better opinion and analysis than what we convey please write in the comments or post the latest articles here.

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