Choosing Men With Higher Salaries From Her, This Is The Reason Of Women

Choosing Men With Higher Salaries From Her, This Is The Reason Of – Not a matre, but who can live without money? Unless you live in the forest, everyone will definitely need money. Money is one of the basic needs that keeps you alive. Similarly, when women are faced with money.

There are many considerations and judgments that make money more important than appearance when it comes to determining a partner. In Japan, an internet portal My Navi Woman conducted a survey of 133 women aged between 22-34 years. They were asked, Can women have a serious relationship with men who earn less than them?

The majority of respondents as much as 63.2% say NO. Women can not undergo a serious relationship or marry a man whose salary is smaller than they are. The reason is simple, low income raises financial worries, non-fulfillment of household needs and economic stability in the family.

Especially if later pregnant and have children. For career women, getting pregnant and having children can make them decide to quit working, temporarily and forever, because children are top priority over work. Inevitably, women will depend entirely on their husbands' wages. This is where the level of concern increases, as the needs increase but the husband's salary is not sufficient.

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Similarly in Indonesia, Japanese people also tend to see that the more successful the man in the job, the greater his salary. In other words, the more established the man, the more assured also life when married later.

One of the respondents even said "When a man has a lower income than me, I will look down on him, I start to belittle him." He does not want to have a husband like that. So when one day one asks "Why do women need rich and well-established men?" The definitive answer is a sense of security and financial comfort.

But of course, not just about money when talking about marriage and long-term relationships. There are other supporting factors that make a man have more value than his salary, such as religion, personality and others.

Well, how about ladies? Can not, marry a man whose salary is smaller than you?

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