Chronology of Arrest of Tora Sudiro and His Wife Mieke Amalia

Chronology of ArrestJakarta – South Jakarta Metro Police arrested actor Tora Sudiro along with his wife, Mieke Amalia, in South Jakarta area. The capture of Tora began with information received by the police.

"He was secured because we can info, have a barbuk (evidence) in the form of psychotropic, the development of previous psychotropic cases," said Metro Police Chief of South Jakarta Kombes Pol Iwan Kurniawan, as confirmed on Thursday (03/08/2017).

The police then arrested Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia at his home in Ciputat, South Jakarta. In this arrest the police found some evidence, in the form of 30 psychotropic substances.

"We are still doing research on barbuk (evidence) and urine test him in the process.

We can drugs, not a lot only 30 grains, still test what the content, "said Iwan.

Police are still examining Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia for further development of the case. "This is the development of the previous psychotropic case, and now Satnarkoba is examined further," Iwan asserted.

Employee Insurance

Tora Sudiro born in Jakarta, May 10, 1973 is an actor, a musician, a comedian, as well as a producer. Before entering the film, Tora is an insurance worker, sound engineer, and advertising.

In fact, the actor's full name Taura Danang Sudiro was once studying in New Zealand to study the science of sound engineer. Tora then turned to acting through his first film, Tragedy.

Through the film Arisan, who starred with Surya Saputra, Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala, and Rachel Maryam, Tora Sudiro began to rise.

Berkart the film, Tora Sudiro won the Citra Cup, as the best lead actor in the 2004 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). In 2005 and 2006, he also won the Panasonic Award as the most favorite actor.Watch this exciting video:

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