Chronology of KPK’s Hand Capture Operation in Pamekasan

Chronology of KPK's Hand Capture Operation in PamekasanJAKARTA, – Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) set five suspects after holding a hand-catching operation in the District of Pamekasan, East Java, Wednesday (2/8/2017).

Deputy Chairman of KPK Laode Muhammad Syarif said the first arrest was made around 7:14 pm at the House of Chief Prosecutor's Office Pamekasan.

At that time, KPK officers secured four people, namely the Chief Inspectorate of Pamekasan Regency, Sucipto Utomo, and Chief Public Prosecutor Pamekasan Rudi Indra Prasetya.

In addition, the Head of Administration of Pamekasan Inspectorate Noer Solehhoddin and a driver.

Allegedly, at that time there was a handover of money worth Rp 250 million from Dassok Village Head, Agus Mulyadi, through Noer and Sucipto to Rudi Indra Prasetya.

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"From the location, the team then secured the money in the Rp 100,000 denomination wrapped in black plastic bags," Syarif said in a press conference at the KPK building here on Wednesday night.

After that, around 7:49 pm, the KPK team arrested the Intel Section Chief Kejari Pamekasan, Sugeng and Chief of Special Crimes Section Pamekasan Eka Hermawan.

Both were arrested at Pamekasan Office.

Subsequently, KPK subsequently arrested Dassok Village Chief, Agus Mulyadi and Chairman of the Village Head Unity Dassok M Ridwan.

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According to Syarif, the KPK team then returned to Kejari Office and arrested a Kejari staff member named Indra Permana.

"Finally, the team moved to secure the Regent in Pendopo Pamekasan District at 11:30 pm," said Syarif.

After intensive inspection at the East Java Police Headquarters, the KPK assigned the Bupati, Chief Kejari, and three others as suspects.

Meanwhile, Intel Section Chief Kejari Pamekasan, Sugeng and Chief of Special Crimes Section Pamekasan Eka Hermawan released because they are not associated with bribery cases.

In this case, Chief Kejari allegedly took a bribe of Rp 250 million from officials in Pamekasan regency.

The bribe is to stop handling corruption cases of village funds misuse.

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