Cigarette Dilemma in Malang City

Cigarette Dilemma in Malang City

Image source:, Malang Large trees grow towering around the play area at Trunojoyo Park Malang City, East Java. The board reads a smoking ban plastered clearly in one corner of the park. However, an inscription bearing the name of a tobacco company also stands up.

The inscription is a marker, that the park was revitalized in 2014 ago by the tobacco company through corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. One of these national cigarette industry giants also funded the revitalization of Kunang Kunang Park on Jalan Jakarta, Malang.

Like two sides of the coin, Malang City restored the city park through the CSR of tobacco companies. However, it is forbidden for anyone to smoke in the park. Malang City Government also prohibits there is anything related to cigarettes in the park.

Deputy Mayor of Malang, Sutiaji said, in all city parks are prohibited there is a variety of advertising or promotion of products and all activities related to cigarettes despite the revitalization financed by tobacco companies.

Cigarette companies use the park to distribute CSR, but still nothing to do with cigarettes. Companies still have to obey the rules, said Sutiaji, Thursday (2/2/2017)

Malang City Government is currently also working on draft local regulation (Ranperda) on Cigarette Free Zone (KTR). All city parks are included as KTR in ranperda which is still discussed by DPRD Malang City. Ranperda is expected to be passed this year.

In the ranperda there are seven zoning that will be designated as a non-smoking area. The zone includes health care, education, public transportation, children's playground and places of worship. Two more zones of work and public places.

In the last two zones it is still permitted to provide a special area of ??smoking, but will still be regulated separately through the mayoral regulations after Ranperda KTR was passed. Ranperda protects passive smokers from exposure to secondhand smoke directly.

Our focus on public servants, especially Malang City is a city worthy of children. Hence there should be an area without smoking, Sutiaji said.

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