Circulated Photo Kongko Police-Entrepreneur Officer, Riau Police Denies Related to Forest Fires

Circulated Photo KongkoJAKARTA, – Head of Public Relations Polda Riau AKBP Guntur Aryo Tejo justify, the people in the photos circulating in social media one of them is Kapolresta Pekanbaru Kombes Pol Toni Hermawan with the entrepreneurs.

However, he denied the photos related to a special meeting with PT Andika Permata Sawit Lestari (APSL) officials to discuss cases of forest fires in Riau.

Guntur explained, the photo was taken last week while having dinner at a hotel in Riau. During the meeting there were also a number of officials from the Police Headquarters and several Riau Police investigators.

"Our colleagues from the Police Headquarters came to investigate cases of riots at the Police Meranti.Another people in the photo from the group on the next table, again sitting around," said Guntur when contacted, Friday (02/09/2016) .

Guntur said that neither the police nor the troupe had known each other that night.

According to Guntur, the people introduced themselves as the big boss of the hotel where they had dinner. After taking pictures, they went back to their seats.

He asserted that there was no discussion related to the case of forest fires. It was later discovered that there was one high-ranking PT APSL participant in the group.

During the meeting, the police officers there claimed not to know there was a PT APSL boss there.

"The picture was put into Instagram by one of our members, it turned out to be reported as if there was a congress with a suspect, not so," said Guntur.

Guntur did not deny that PT APSL is one of the companies under investigation related to forest fires. However, according to him, it is not known whether the company is indeed guilty in the case.

"Not only APSL, all our companies are targeted (investigate) really," said Guntur.Thunder also confirmed that PT APSL is not included in 15 companies whose case was stopped by investigators related to forest fire case in Riau.

The news that police officers took pictures with PT APSL stems from a press release distributed on behalf of the Student Executive Board of the University of Riau.

The written broadcast stated that there was a special meeting between the police and PT APSL which is currently burning in Rohil and Rohul Regencies.

Thunder considers, the news circulated was too cornered and full of opinion.

"It's not the basics to make the news, so we must confirm first," he said.

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