Circulating Issues BPJS Health Will Remove Dependence 8 Illness, Commission IX commented

Circulating Issues BPJSSOLO, Member of Commission IX of the House, Okky Asokawati, also spoke about the outstanding issues that BPJS Health will remove the financial dependence on certain non-communicable diseases.

There are at least eight types of diseases whose funding is not covered by BPJS Health, but rather charged to patients, heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, stroke, thalassemia, cirrhosis of the liver, leukemia and hemophilia.

UPDATE: Denotes Circulating Issues, BPJS Healthy Make Sure Guarantee Cost 8 Illness

"I think it is a discourse that needs to be reconsidered," said the United Development Party (PPP) politician in Solo, Central Java, on Saturday (25/11/2017).

"It is not so as not to be borne, but how BPJS Health itself is also transparent in terms of its finances, transparent when making its annual budget plan and transparent in making agreements, both with health services and drug services," he said.

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To that end, it requested that BPJS Health to think and consider the plan tekait. In addition, BPJS Health should coordinate with the Ministry of Health before making such a policy.

"I agree that the Minister of Finance (Sri Mulyani) said that he will not raise the BPJS Health contribution as long as BPJS Health has not improved the administrative, operational, and other systems," he said.

Referring to the 1945 Constitution, Okky said, the state is indeed present in the welfare of its people. Do not let people then be asked to pay and bear their own expenses for the particular disease tersebut.Kompas TV Various problems related to patient care program National Health Insurance-Card Healthy Indonesia or JKN-KIS surfaced in a number of areas.

"That is, if the people have to pay for themselves, the state is not present to make the people prosperous," he said.

"As long as the people's way of thinking is still curative, not preventive, as long as they are sick there is a cure, not how to live properly and properly, as long as still curative we will surely concede," he said.

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