Clean Air Asia does not crown the cleanest city of Malang in Asia

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Malang City previously reportedly won the award as the city with the cleanest air in Asia along with four other cities from a number of countries. The award was released in a release by NGO (Non Government Organization), The Clean Cities Air Partnership Program (CCAP).

But the news of a number of media that already become viral was immediately clarified by the Environment Agency (BLH) Malang. The Clean Air Asia NGO, (not CCAP) has recently sent a letter to straighten out the news.

Head BLH Malang Malang Agoes Edy explained, if there has been a difference understanding between BLH and Malang City Government in interpreting the statement Clean Air Asia. It rectified the news of Malang City as the top four cities with cleanest air in Asia.

"The determination of Malang as a clean air area pilot project is a follow-up of the participation of Malang City signed a commitment on climate change at the level of mayor in Turkey before," said Agoes when found in Malang on Monday (10/10).

Four cities are designated as the pilot project of The Cities Clean Air Partnership Program (CCAP). The award was given simultaneously by the 9th Water Quality Conference and the 17th World Water Congress in Busan, South Korea from 29 August to 2 September 2016.

Four cities are Baguio City (Iloilo City), Santa Rosa (Philippines), Kathmandu (Nepal), and Malang (Indonesia).

Meanwhile, on the page it was explained that Clean Air Asia initiated the Clean Air Certification draft by the end of August 2016. This certificate is a form of recognition to cities committed to improving air quality.

The city that will pocket the certificate must take some of the assessments required by Clean Air Asia. The city should show proof of the efforts it has made in maintaining and improving air quality.

"Before the clean air certificate was applied, Clean Air Asia chose five cities as a pilot project," explained Glynda Bathan-Baterina as Deputy Executive Director of Clean Air Asia on the page.

Katharine Thoday, Director of The Cities Clean Air Partnership Program explains, Clean Air Certificate is designed as a form of recognition to the city that is considered successful to create better air changes. The appointment as a pilot project does not mean the city has the cleanest air.

"This is a campaign momentum for the importance of clean air in urban areas, and the organization's recognition of innovative action to improve air quality," he told a congress in Busan.Meanwhile, Arief Dermawan, BLH Malang City Environmental Communication Staff explained a number of assessments that must be taken before reaching certificate from Clean Air Asia. It has conducted air data collection and urban air evaluation by measurement, reporting and verification method.

"One of the supports in air quality improvement and community awareness is environmental condition in 437 schools spread in Malang City," he explained. [ian]

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