Climate Change, Influencing Biodiversity Not Just Human

Climate Change, Influencing Biodiversity Not Just Human

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Global warming. feels it has become a part of life from people today. Learning about global warming has gone far beyond elementary or even pre-school students. However, do we actually already know very well the impact of global warming? Is it only a matter of destroying human life? And what about biodiversity? So what is the relationship of biodiversity with humans?

Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere that can impact with the increase in sea water volume. One of the immediate effects of global warming is climate change. Climate change is a change of weather pattern significantly, can be permanent and is a major environmental problem facing the world today. Climate is a biomarker factor. Biome is a region with a certain climate and has biodiversity that only exist in the area. If the climate undergoes significant changes it will greatly adversely affect the survival of the organisms present in a particular biome.

Climate is affected by temperature. Environmental temperature is an important factor in the spread of organisms. This is because in the biological process an organism is very dependent on environmental temperature because some organisms can maintain an active metabolism at low temperatures or at high temperatures both in animals and in plants. Water, sunlight, and wind also influence the climate in a biome. These three factors can cause the adaptation of an organism to the climate of a biome it occupies. This is because the organism in a biome is a unique species and only found in the area. If climate change affects a biodiversity that inhabit a particular biome, then the unique species will be disrupted and may cause extinction. Examples of unique species found only in certain biomes are zebra in the savanna, snakes in the desert and various primates found in tropical rainforests.

Climate change as a result of global warming can affect the pattern of organism dispersal, adaptation of an organism, even to the extinction of an organism. Organism here not only human, but all the biota contained in this earth. Indeed the problem of climate change is not only a negative impact on human survival. Biodiversity is highly related to human beings. Humans take all the resources of biodiversity to be used in sustaining their lives. If climate change affects the biodiversity of a living organism or animal organism as one of the resources sought by human beings, and causing extinction then man will lose one of his resources as his survival advocate.

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