Climate Change Issues Through Film Media

Climate Change Issues Through Film, Jakarta: A total of 30 elementary school students in the capital gathered in BlitzMegaplex atrium, Mal Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (10/11). They watched the launch of a climate-themed children's film, My Earth, by the National Council on Climate Change with the director Tonny Trimasanto.

The theme of the community challenge to climate change will lead the audience through the story of Nada (Nada Zharfania Zuhaira) who came to visit Sukohardjo Village, Solo, Central Java, to study dance during school holidays. There he met Adam (Adam Ghifari) an inspired wayang beber puppeteer to socialize climate change issues through the medium of puppet performances.

The process of making this film through research done to 600 elementary school pupils from grade one to grade six. As well, 200 primary school teachers by Murnianti Agustian – Chair of the Research Team of Atma Jaya University Educational Technology Studio – are collecting data on their basic knowledge of climate change.

"The results are also found when finished research is, players are expected also children," said Mrs. Murni – familiar greeting Murnianti Agustian – at the opening of the screening of the film.

The theme of the impact of climate change on the environment is emphasized during this 30-minute film through a brief fact such as the use of motor vehicles that add pollution through the smoke rising into the atmosphere. Thus, the heat from the sun can not get out of the earth's atmosphere so that the earth's temperature rises when its use continues.

"My hope of this film is to be a role model to the public on the issue of climate change," said Adam Ghifari when interviewed

In addition, portraits of farmers who complain about crop failures due to unpredictable weather adds to the audience understanding that the impacts of climate change are on the public.

The event was also attended by Rachmat Witoelar, Daily Chief of the National Council on Climate Change and former Minister of the Environment, who gave a speech. He was accompanied by his wife, Erna Witoelar who is not former Minister of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure and former Director of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi).

"Later, these young people will continue the struggle to make our environment better," said Rachmat Witoelar when giving his speech.

The cultural elements shown through the existence of wayang beber will add to the audience's insight. Wayang beber is a painting on a rolled cloth. And in each round will be open to be told by the dalang as a narrator.

"I am satisfied with the results of the film, as a dalang also has the opportunity to preserve Javanese culture," Adam said, adding.The National Council on Climate Change is an institution that formulates national policy on climate change, and coordinates activities on climate change, as well as monitoring policies on climate change control. The hope of the film is for young people to be sensitive about the issue of climate change.

Supported by several public service announcements, television talk shows and road shows in 50 cities spread across 19 provinces in Indonesia, this message is expected to be pervaded by the public at large.

"Nada aja can not think to join to play this movie.Nada want to thank that the results of this film will give good results," said Nada. (HAM / ANS)

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