Climate Finance Indonesia Climate Change Adaptation Needs in Gorontalo

Climate Finance Indonesia Climate Change Adaptation Needs in Gorontalo

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Indonesia as a tropical country with high air temperature and humidity, and an island nation surrounded by oceans, has a very high risk to climate change. Climate change increases sea level in the coast of Indonesia, as well as increased temperatures and air humidity leading to increased rainfall and frequency of climate disasters such as floods that occurred in Gorontalo province in June 2017.

Geographically, Gorontalo is prone to flooding due to its low topography, many rivers and relatively high rainfall areas. Climate change will worsen the flood events that could result from heavy rains in the region. To that end, adaptation and mitigation efforts to climate change become an urgent interest in Gorontalo. Sustainable development should be undertaken to avoid the effects of even worse climate change in the future.

Structural and non-structural development requires substantial financing. It takes a high level of commitment from governments and the private sector to work together in efforts to develop climate change mitigation and adaptation. Many countries, including Indonesia, have been implementing the development of climate finance management. The state has a national target of reducing emissions by 26% by 2020 without international assistance and 41% if with international assistance.

Nelson Pomalingo, Regent of Gorontalo is an example of local government that realizes the importance of sustainable development as an effort to adapt and mitigate climate change. Regional Government Work Plan (RKPD) 2017 Gorontalo District prioritize adaptation to climate change which increasingly disrupt the life of Gorontalo people. He built the Climate Change Adaptation Program (API) which contains 19 Programs and socialized to all SKPD and sub-district and village level government. Funding for the API Program is allocated from 10.5% of total APBD 2017 or equivalent to Rp 53.9 billion.

Gorontalo is a testament to the commitment of national governments through Bappenas and KLHK and local governments in adaptation to climate change. The Medium Term Development Plan 2016-2021 and the Gorontalo Local Government Work Plan that incorporates climate change adaptation and mitigation are the tangible results of the National Action Plan – Climate Change Adaptation (RAN API) established by the National Government.

The Ministry of National Development Planning has established a coordination of climate change to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mitigation and adaptation implementation. This coordination team consists of six working groups that have tasks in the agricultural sector; forestry and peatlands; energy, transportation and industry; waste and waste; cross sector initiation; as well as an overall adaptation strategy.

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