Climb Mountain Is Not a Selfie Event, But Closer To Nature

Climb Mountain Is Not a Selfie Event, But Closer To NatureMaybe now can be said to climb the mountain to be trending since the 5cm movie, do you?
Climb Mountain is not an event for Selfie and share in social media just to say The present but behind it all up the mountain is the most frightening specter if you are new to climbing Beginner because the life of the stakes if you do not know the ins and outs of the jungle sometimes weather and nature do not can be predicted.

For example ; Cold, Maybe you think Ah, cold air I'm used to, I often sleep Use cold air conditioner without wearing clothes probably the same as later on the mountain, Eitss do not think like that air in the mountains and jungle is different air on the mountain can reach the weather Minus worse could reach -10 to -20 even though you've been wearing warm clothing that thick as a blanket of cold air can still pierce the body and bones.

There is a presumption that climbing the mountain is a cool and handsome action. There is a sense of pride when it has tossed the foot at its peak. However, do we realize that we who claim to be lovers, or lovers of nature, could be a destroyer of nature? Here are the biggest mistakes that claim to be nature lovers but have not fully understood nature:

1. Selfie in the extreme let the plasticity of handsome and contemporary. Paper waste impact from selfie!

Selfie is one of the biggest scourge in nature lovers fake and My trip fake, Selfie can say positive and negative. lately often circulating in social media photographs of a person is posing on a mountain with a piece of paper containing a greeting addressed to someone.

Speech can be addressed to a boyfriend or perhaps still gebetan, parents or just a greeting to colleagues or friends. Speech also diverse. Some express love or affection such as "I Love You", "I Love You", "When to Raise Yourself", and many other words or phrases expressing feelings.

Although not limited to the expression of feelings, there are also some climbers who write sentences for his parents such as, Quick Heal Pak and still many words that we often see in socmed, whether it is serious or just funny-funny.

One thing to note that the action would look tacky if the paper used for the picture was left as a waste on the mountain. And why the paper should be abandoned and discarded? It would be more beautiful if the paper was taken down and not thrown away but stored.

If someday the gebetan becomes a lover let alone to become a life partner, will look very beautiful if the paper is framed, complete with photos and made a memento. So sweet, is not it?

Experienced climbers are not intimidated by the mountain, but are inspired. Not selfie and Peak of the main goal but to get closer to nature and go home safely.

Positive impact Selfie is remembering and remembering what you do, when you grow up. Selfie can be a proof that your life journey when you were young and tell your grandchildren laterNegative Impact I can say Reduced Concentration because you forget something that you have to be careful when you're in the extreme place though, so you wanna selfie in order to get a good photo you forget,

Have you heard the news of a climber who died in Mount Merapi by selfie? Such an example of the negative impact of selfie and even greeting papers. Can that be said to nature lovers? I do not think so!

After explaining the postive impact and negative impact of Selfie, do you know? Mountain climbers of antiquity, they do not care about photographs but a writing in a book that describes the story of his journey as he climbed a mountain and a life experience that he can remember when he grew up and told his grandchildren later.

2. Conduct mass climbing "Open Trip"

Climbing with the mountain with friends is very fun to laugh freely, joking in the wild and joke. For you beginners who want to walk or ride the mountain open trip can make a positive impact also you can get acquainted with new people even can also save the cost of travel.

But look at the capacity of open trip how many people participate and the capacity of the supporters. I think this is negative impact even do not like because there are several reasons namely;

1. If the committee held an open trip to climb the mountain with 40 climbers, If the capacity of mountaineers only in allowing 500 people per day it has been cut kouta climber by 460 The person is only one open trip has not been open trip from various other areas, then climbers mountain climbing only own even members of 4-5 people, then where we are invididu?

if kouta climber out due to open trip from various regions, inevitu climbers invidu like me should be seized even had to book first. For the open trip committee wise in doing an open trip not only you who want to enjoy nature there are some individual climbers who want to enjoy it as well.

2. Safety, This is a problem for novice climbers. You need to know if you are a beginner climber, Team Leader / Panita they do not know that you are a beginner climber they only know the total number of participants who know and just tell little information how to climb correctly.

If you experience an incident in the climb, they may soon petrify you but if in a member there are some incidents, can he help? Can not help you you have to treat yourself and even then just know a little information if you have inside. It's a simple,

If the fatal stray or into the abyss do they know? I think not, because they only see members with a lot of numbers.3. Tranquility, What do you look for when climbing a mountain or refreshing? the search is calm is not it? if you are doing an open trip with a large number of members can you feel it? no! all you get is a crowd like a city instead of the peace of the soul in the wild.

That's why some open-trip maskers have negative impact, there are still many such as garbage, noise etc. So wise in choosing an open trip, see duhulu security and the number of members.

You will feel the peace of the soul in the wild, if you are able to absorb it yourself

3. Trash

I've been up the mountain with a colleague who seems to be a senior in terms of climbing. However, in the middle of a resting trip, as he eats a snack, he lightly throws the garbage away.

That's the portrait of most climbers who do not understand conservation. What's so hard to carry garbage in a bag?

At other times, when I was wanting to fetch water in a spring, I saw a climber who was enjoying the B * B ritual in the spring! Does not he think people will drink from there? Is it so difficult to dig a hole in the ground? Cats can still be smarter!

Many climbers still use harmful chemicals. Do not be surprised if you find a pack of soap / shampoo lying close in the spring.

If you are a nature lover really scold the climber who throw garbage carelessly, if not you who reprimand who else?

Love nature as much as you love yourself

4. Being indifferent, only burden conservation teams!Some time ago social media in splash with fake climber who talks throw garbage in mountain semeru is okay. The news can be searched with the title "This climber says it's ok to throw garbage in Semeru because it's paid" maybe it's for example conservation tasks it is the duty of the park guard, porter, and environmental NGO is not the right thing.

Though climbers themselves who have a big part in maintaining the environment. Many unscrupulous climbers also ignore the local wisdom that has been established by local communities. Written or unwritten.

Often the mythical myths on the mountain are actually attempts to conserve from society. Do not tell me like this, I am not a nature lover, really. Just a natural connoisseur. So is not my dong duty for conservation? If not you and the park guard who else can keep this nature ?.

5. Damage the beauty of the mountains

Maybe this is mostly fatal and stupid things that I say, claiming nature lovers and mountain climbers like this? what can be said nature lovers? maybe this is mostly the act of a fake climber just to be told "The Presence".

Do not take anything but pictures, do not leave anything but footprints or footprints and do not kill anything except time

Take nothing but picture. Indeed nature provides a variety of flora, animals, even rocks that captivate the heart to be souvenirs. But acts such as picking edelweiss flowers or catching animals, will only damage nature. If you want to bring souvenirs simply by painting or photographing it.

Leave nothing but foot print. When adventuring, all traces of activities, especially waste generated should never be left behind, take it back home. Because the objects (especially plastic waste) will have a big adverse effect on the environment. Including do not leave marks in the form of graffiti, strokes, and the like in trees and rocks.

Kill nothing but time. Sufficient time alone was killed during the adventure. Other, whether animal, plant, even including yourself do not.

If during the adventure, an adventurer to implement the three points in the code of conduct will undoubtedly nature including the environment will be maintained its sustainability. So an adventurer can still repeat his adventure in the wild one day, a week, a month, a year, even a century later.

6. Make nature as a place of immoralityEdan and wacky that can be spelled out, nature ko dijadiin immoral?

It is a common secret in the place of natural attractions, especially the mountain, in silence is an opportunity for young men in love, even to intercourse.

this is a very worrying phenomenon for the surrounding community, which in certain communities believes the mountain as a sacred place is forbidden for immoral acts on its territory.

Climbers can not prevent it, for the same reason they come, but in that case, the locals will warn if any person who performs immoral acts will be rewarded by a law beyond human reason, which makes the visitor think twice, by keeping nature from your attitude, not out of fear of your punishment

7. Violate territory boundaries for climbing

Unconsciously we have violated the rules set by the conservation officers, in setting up the boundary of the climbing as in semeru will basecamp kalimati it, and merapi on camp bubrah market, and violation of climbing at the time of establishment of the closure of conservation parks in the greening period

But a stronger sense of ego to conquer instead of enjoying nature overwhelms everything, just to take pictures and prove itself great in social media

Be a Climber and Nature Lover who is not really a photo or to look dashing that you are looking for but how you can conquer the outdoors with sincerity and your own intentions, Remember the summit is a bonus, safe home is the main goal. Those who have been prayed for and the lesson for you must be careful in reaching the peaks in Indonesia.

Do not be a Climber or Nature Lovers KW let plasticity present

Do not be like this?

"After watching the 5cm movie I want to go up the mountain, I'll hold selfie while holding the sign" Everest 4560mdpl ", I will continue to share the instagram of his photo, Continue to jump to the crater of ijen."

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