Cocomesh Coconut Coir Nets For Reclamation

Cocomesh Coconut Coir Nets For Reclamation

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This article wishes to give a simple solution to the problem of post-mining processing or often called mine reclamation. Called A simple solution because it uses local potential in mining areas or materials widely available on Earth Indonesia. The material is Cocomesh or Coconut Coir Nets. Cocomesh is a net made from coconut husk has become a prima donna in helping the process of reclamation of mines, beaches, or forests. Its biodegradable and strong properties, helping to facilitate the growth of new crops in the Cocomesh field that is placed on the former mine land. The utilization of Cocomesh has proven to be able to green the ex-mining area, or barren forest. Many former mining reef consultancy companies are turning to natural materials. The material nature of cocomesh made of coconut husk, which is able to store water in a long time, causing the surface of the ground covered by this material awake moisture. It is able to influence the soil structure to be easily planted with seedlings or seeds tananam, but also cocomesh as a substitute for the soil when planting seeds or seeds of the plant. The advantages of this cocomesh material is durable, according to this source can last about 4 years or more, so the material can grow during the new vegetation growth period. The use of cocomesh material is particularly suitable for sloping or rocky terrain, looking at the elastic properties of this material. Examples that have been applied as in the former mining area of ??Freeport. This image is taken from here

The use of cocomesh is suitable for mines with sloping land.

This example uses Cocomesh for rocky land. Booking Our Cocomesh Home Rumahabab as a pabric manufacture provides various sizes of cocomesh for mine reclamation, avalanche precipitation, golf course covering or football. Available sizes are

Distance between straps: 2×2 cm, 3×3 cm, 4xcm
Diameter of the rope: 0.5 cm
dimensions: 1×50 m, 1x30m, 2x25m, 2x30m, 2x50m as requirement
Price: adjust size
Production capacity:> 20,000 m2 / month
Transport: container 20 ft ~ 4300 m2, fuso ~ 6000 m2 truck, truck truck ~ 10.000m2

Workshop: Jalan Parangtritis Km 5.8 Yogyakarta, Indonesia Office: Jalan Gedongkuning Selatan 202 Yogyakarta, Indonesia email: Contact person: Mansur Mashuri (0813 2804 2283)

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