Coffee Should Not Be Dumped, Take Advantage For These Things Yuk!

Coffee Should – The most common thing that we often do after brewing a delicious coffee is to get rid of the dregs, correct not Ladies? Too bad. In fact, we can still use these coffee grounds for a variety of amazing things you know. Anything? Check out the following reviews yuk!

Pests and Buries the Soil

The typical smell of coffee grounds has the benefit of repelling pests that damage crops in your garden. Sprinkle coffee grounds around your plants to keep your plants protected from pests.

In addition, nitrogen-rich coffee grounds can also be used as a compost to fertilize the soil in your garden. But the dregs of coffee that can be used is not the new coffee dregs but the old coffee dregs and decompose. To make compost, mix leaves, fresh grass, and coffee grounds with the same ratio.

Covering Scratches On Wood Furniture

Combine warm water, vinegar, and coffee grounds. Then rub the mixture over the surface of the furniture that has a scratch. This way can make furniture look new again.

Eliminate Smelly Odor in Refrigerator

Similar to baking soda, coffee grounds can also function as a deodorizer that can repel bad odors. Put a bowl that contains coffee grounds in the refrigerator to remove the odor in your refrigerator.

Cleaning Eating Equipment

As reported in the page, coarse texture of coffee grounds you can use as an alternative material to clean stains or dirt in the equipment that is difficult to clean.

Make Motif On PaperCreate your artistic hobby, coffee grounds you can make one of the ingredients to cultivate your creativity. The reason, coffee grounds you can use to create a motif on plain paper. Way, dip a sheet of paper into the mixture of coffee and water, let stand for a few minutes then lift and dry.

Well, with so many benefits of this coffee dregs, it would be a shame if you throw it away right, Ladies? May be useful.

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