Cold Better, Sleep In The Cold Room Have 5 Benefits

Cold Better, Sleep In The Cold Room Have 5 Benefits

Image source: – Indonesia is a tropical country, which has warmer temperatures than countries with four seasons. That's why many people at night (especially during the dry season) prefer to sleep without a blanket because of the hot weather and make the body sweat.

You also certainly can not sleep soundly in a state of hot and hot, because actually sleeping in a cold room was indeed have many benefits.

More relaxed and sound

When sleeping, the body temperature will naturally drop and the body gets colder. Sleeping in a cool room will help your body temperature fall faster, which helps you relax more quickly and more soundly.

Maintain physical and mental health

Sleeping with cold temperatures also makes you breathe more comfortable because breathing is not heavy and more relaxed when the air entering the body has a lower temperature than in the body. The brain will better regenerate the brain and process information when the head is cold and get a smooth oxygen intake.

Lose weight

Although sleep does not directly make you thin, but have a good sleep quality can help the process of weight loss. A cold body will better process fat and burn better calories during sleep.

Make skin beautiful

Hot air makes your skin produce perspiration, but you will not get a good night's sleep even though your body burns many calories. Conversely, sleeping in a cool room or cool can make your skin look fresher and healthier when you wake up because you get a good night's sleep so that the body's cells can rest well.

You can turn on the fan or air conditioner in the room to make cold air, or simply open your window so you can make your sleep comfortable at night. Because sleeping with a relaxed body has many benefits of ladies.(vem / feb)

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