Cold Water VS Warmer, Which Is Better For Toothbrush

Cold Water VS Warmer, Which Is Better For Toothbrush

Image source: – Brushing your teeth is not only the origin of brushing your teeth and oral cavity. If the way to brush your teeth is not true, you will not be able to clean the oral cavity and teeth from the bacteria optimally.

Not just brushing your teeth that have the right way, even water used to rinse after a toothbrush is also often the topic of conversation how optimal you can clean the mouth and teeth. As you know that bacteria will die if exposed to high temperatures.

This is what many people believe that so many people use warm water when the toothbrush to bacteria can be optimally cleaned. But is it true that warm water also affects tooth cleaning?

It turns out that many dentists agree that the water temperature does not determine how much bacteria are wasted and how clean the teeth and mouth are. Many people drink water at room temperature and cold each day and can still cleanse the oral cavity.

Professor Anne Skaare, a doctor who works at the Institute of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Oslo, says that it really does not matter if you want to clean your teeth with warm water or cold water, not much effect.

Richard H. Price, spokeswoman for the American Dental Association, also told the New York Times that no matter how warm or cold the water to rinse when toothbrushes, most importantly you brush your teeth properly and never forget to brush your teeth every day.

So whichever water you use, it does not have much ladies. You can use plain water or warm water, at will. Origin how to brush your teeth are correct, no need to worry the teeth will be attacked by bacteria and cause holes or tartar. Do not forget also to sellau dental examination to the dentist.

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