Collaborative Designers Indonesia-Australia Melbourne Citizen Wandering

Collaborative Designers Indonesia-Australia Melbourne Citizen, Jakarta Three Indonesian designers Restu Anggraini, Ria Miranda and Sarah Sofyan (Rumah Ayu) plus I.K.Y.K collaborated with three Australian designers Baraka Women, and Amalina Aman, and Delina in the engagement event Succedding Together: An Indonesia – Australia Collaboration.

Each designer features six fashion collections to hundreds of spectators at La Trobe Ballroom, Sofitel Melbourne, Saturday (12/3/2016). The fashion show opens with the work of a home designer from Sydney.

Amalina Anam showcased her latest collection inspired by the Crocodile Dundee movie depicting the beauty of Australia's flora, fauna and nature. It also shows freedom and optimism.

Next Baraka Woman displays a collection of minimalist clothing but full of surprises. Baraka is the first Muslim fashion label in Australia. Lastly there is a collection of designer Delina who is casual and unique typical of young people. All three live in Sydney.

From within the country, Sarah Sofyan from Rumah Ayu and Anandia Putri from I.K.Y.K combine Ayu's elegant feminine style with the unique I.K.Y.K style.

After that, Restu Anggraini with ETU label featured six look of choice from the collection previously exhibited at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2016. This is the second time Etu has exhibited his collection to the Australian public.

Followed by a collection of designer Ria Miranda who brought the Legacy collection from Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 and his latest collection Takana. Still carrying Minang customs with a motif songket intersect modern.

"We are delighted to have one stage and collaborate with Indonesian designers," he said.

The same thing also expressed Delina who was honored to be invited to join in this collaboration. For him, Muslim fashion designers Indonesia became a role model to break the global market and create world trends.

"In Australia, it can be counted by the hands of Muslim fashion designers, so I feel fortunate to be a direct acquaintance because Indonesian designers have a long-term view to expand their market, I learn a lot from them," Delina said enthusiastically.

In addition, the event enlivened by a blend of fashion designer Indonesia-Australia is styled by fashion stylist and fashion blogger famous Zulfiye Tufa. He also gave tips on clothes and Moslem clothing from a long cardigan that can be used as some models. Together Andita Widy from (Shostic Shoes) who gave tips on choosing the right shoes for modest wear.There is also a makeup tutorial from the Wardah team that recommends natural makeup but still stunning for hijabers. In the side area there is a pop up store that sells all fashion show fashion. Each designer still has his own fans. Like Emily who claimed to like the coat Etu and sweater Ria Miranda.

"If it's from dark clothes, I like Etu, Coat it can be used when autumn, I also like soft color Ria Miranda in sweater design.For the Melbourne weather when windy, So far happy can see the designer modest wear Australia-Indonesia show together. Proud and beautifully beautiful design, "lid Emily.

Not to forget an interesting talk show that invites designers and fashion actors to entrust Indonesia as a place to produce clothing, from materials to stitches.

"No need to go all the way to India, Bangladesh and other countries, we Indonesia is ready and able to create and distribute Indonesia's location that is not too far from Australia also ease the cost," said Bussiness Development Head of ETU Rahmat Ramadhan.

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