Collection of Artificial Intelligence Technology Articles

Collection of Artificial Intelligence Technology ArticlesGoogle Jobs, AI Based Job Finder

Google, has launched their new feature, Google Jobs. Google Jobs is a job search engine that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

Preventing Crime Using AI? Let's Look to China

China considers AI to predict and prevent criminal acts.

Google Clips, Smart Camera Armed with Artificial Intelligence

Google showcased an artificial intelligence-based camera called Google Clips.

DeepMind, AI Belonging to Google Self-Learnable Learning

AI can run, jump, climb and avoid obstacles.

Former Google Employee Create a New Religion Emphasizes Artificial Intelligence

Adopt artificial intelligence?

Researchers Create Robot-Made Muscles Power 1,000 Times FoldThis synthetic soft muscle has a 15-fold strain density of natural muscle.

AirSelfie, Smallest Drone in the World For Selfie Lovers

Its unique shape and technology, perfect for you selfie lovers!

Octobot, Soft Battery Unnecessary Robot To Move

This one robot is completely different!

Artificial Intelligence It Can Reveal Food Recipes

Now we know our favorite recipes!

Sophisticated! Automobile electric car is able to find its own parking space

Audi has buried autonomous steering technology on SUV named Elaine.

Holmes Project Against Space VR And Robot In The Future

Compared to Humans, robots are cheaper and easier to ship into space.5 Robots That Can Express Like Human Beings

Can you tell which one is real?

Microsoft And Line Work Together Create Chatbot Armed with AI

Let's be friends with Rinna!

Google Can Understand Java and Sundanese Language Commands

Unique! Already tried it?

Samsung: The Human Brain Will Be Defeated By Memory Chip In 20 Years

Is it true that memory chips will beat the brain's processing power in humans?

Sri Mulyani Worry about Robot Who Can Beat Young Generation RI

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati expressed his concern about the quality of human resources.

The Device Can Now Interact with the NeighborhoodLatest Innovation from Intel with Myriad X!

Great! Siri Save The Teenager From Harvey Storm

Apple's Siri virtual assistant saved lives again.

Sophisticated! Future-Type Jaguar Cars Have Digital Assistant Feature At The Motor

British automotive manufacturer, Jaguar does not want to miss introducing the concept of his homemade car.

To Increase Siri, Apple Asks Psychologists for Help

Wanted technicians who have a psychological background!

Taxi Fly Lilium Immediately Operate In 2019

This sophisticated vehicle will soon be in the air! Can not wait?

Duo, Smart Mirror Armed with Artificial Intelligence

A startup from New York has created a smart mirror with touch-based operation and voice commands called Duo.Putin: A Superior Country in AI Technology Will Take the World

Speech Vladimir Putin has recently attracted the attention of many people.

Sophisticated! Fire Fighter Use Drones To Ease Evacuation

Firefighters have utilized drone aircraft to aid fire fighting.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Reveals ISIS Tactics In The Future

US researchers report on the use of the AI ??algorithm used to predict future ISIS threats.

Beware! Vulnerable Digital Assistants Attacked by Hackers

Who would have thought a booming digital assistant like Siri and Alexa is apparently very vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Meizu Smartphone Now Smart More Smart Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Meizu showcased the innovation of its homemade AI smartphone.

Dismiss Employees, The Company Is Preferring To Hire AIThe role of artificial intelligence has penetrated into various fields.

Thanks to Technology, Japanese Police Can Now Predict Action of Crime

The Japanese police can now estimate the location and timing of a criminal act will take place.

Sophisticated! Huawei Creates Processors Armed with Artificial Intelligence

Huawei introduced its newest processor named Kirin 970

Sophisticated! Now Artificial Intelligence Can Make Songs And Video Clips Alone

AI slowly infiltrate the creative industry.

Unique! In African Drones Used To Prevent Wild Hunting

Drones can now prevent illegal poaching on the African black continent.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the 6th Novel Game of Thrones Has Been Completed

Another greatness of artificial intelligence!Drone can now be an Emergency Channel Tower

This drone can carry portable cellular networks and provide signals up to several kilometers.

Saingi Elon Musk, China Create 400 Km / Hour Train Project Hyperloop rival

China announced the creation of a high-speed carriage.

InSight, New NASA's Robot Ready to Tap into Mars In 2018

NASA plans to dig Red Planet contents in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence It Can Create Software Based Screenshot Only

Sophisticated! Create a software or program with just a screenshot.

Not Just Human, Artificial Intelligence AI Alias ??Can Pula Act Racist

AI tend to have the ability to learn like humans. And who would have thought AI could also be racist just like humans.

Sophisticated! Exoskeleton Robot It Helps Children Cerebral Palsy Walk EasierThis time a new breakthrough is aimed at children suffering from cerebral palsy to walk more easily.

This Robot Can Slash Enemy With Katana Like Samurai

Japanese companies make a robot capable of using katana like samurai.

Alphabet Autonomous Car Test In Fake City, The Result?

Alphabet makes a fake town near Silicon Valley in order to test its autonomous car.

Facebook Utilizes AI To Fight Terrorism

Take a peek at Facebook's strategy to combat terrorism.

Unique! This Robot Can Help You Maintenance Funny

Robot made an alternative when the ordinary human priests ask for a very high burial fee.

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used To Predict The Longevity Of The Patient

AI is now able to predict which patients will die within five years.Binus Together With Nvidia And Kinetica Build AI First Research Center in Indonesia

Binus University took steps to establish the first AI research and development center in the country.

Aslan, The Signature Robot Hand

Aslan is built using 3D printers aimed at minimizing communication barriers between hearing and hearing impairments.

Minimum Wage In the US rises, Robots Will Gain Faster Take Over Jobs

The US minimum wage impossible to bear the burden of a four-member family.

Facebook Utilizes AI To Tump Fake Ads

The existence of false advertising circulating on Facebook is quite disturbing to many users.

The Flying Taxi Will Attend in Moscow By 2018

Bartini showcased their flying taxi at the Aviation and National Aerospace Exhibition MAKS 2017.

Apple Officially Gets License for Otonomos Automobile TestApple finally gets permission to test his autonomous vehicle in California

Use AI Technology, Now Extreme Weather Can Be Predictable

AI was able to help determine climate models, spot cyclones and other extreme weather events, both in real climatic data and a model.

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