Come on Bonceng Ahok Kumpulin ID Card Up Vespa Around the City!

Come on BoncengBasuki Tjahaja Purnama or what we are familiar with the call Ahok increasingly reap the popularity that can not be underestimated. Starting from a variety of brave acts in overcoming the problems in the capital, his name is now increasingly echoed after he ran back to governor of Jakarta for the period 2017 – 2022.

His step on an independent path reaps sympathy from the public. Trends can also be found on Android lho. Through the following article, we will love to know a new game about Ahok which is really suitable for you to play on the sidelines of busyness.

Ahok Warrior, A New Mini Game On Android

Ahok fighters is the name of the game. Game provided by one of the unique game providers Cumaceban is created to enliven the atmosphere of raising the vote for Ahok.

This game is designed specifically for Ahok's Friends based on the story of Ahok's struggle in the upcoming Election of Jakarta. In it you are required to lead Mr. Ceban while pacing Ahok using Vespa. they raise votes by collecting ID cards from the community.

Easy Gameplay, Friendly Graph

This Ahok fighters game has a very easy gameplay to follow and learn. You just need to long press on the screen to bring up the platform that will be passed by Mr. Ceban and Ahok.

Accuracy and reflexes are necessary so that they both do not fall into the abyss and game over. Fortunately, because Ahok fighters shaped mini game, the graphics are friendly and light to play on every type of smartphone.

For you who like with Ahok figure, let's fight Ahok fighters now also by downloading Cumaceban application. In addition, Cumaceban also has many cool gifts that are distributed every 2 weeks like Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Apple Watch, Xiaomi, iPhone 6, Samsung S6, Go Pro, Dji Drone, and many more. Fun is not it ?!

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