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Comments Is ...COMMENTS ARE ….

So, for 16 more years if I explain basic competence (KD) about the comments. KD is in class IX semester gasal. The emphasis of this competency is the ability to speak and write. No doubt indeed, these two skills are toll roads for students to be a means of understanding the subject matter, all subjects. These two skills are very trigger the growth of students' reasoning power. Conclusion, the stronger the skills of speaking and writing students can be a reference strength of the students' reasoning power. This power of reason becomes one of the assurance (dominant factors) to understand the subject matter, again, for all subjects. Comments are one of the trigger competencies to train both skills.

Things that are often emphasized to students in the material of this comment are:

1. Understand the content to be commented on

2. Prioritize both language and body gestures

3.Have a reason (no argument)

4. There must be a solution (solutif)

Often I also analogy (based on the four things above) if one of the four are not met can be sure the comments made will feel lame. This inequality will cause an uncomfortable taste (remember, the language function of one is to convey a message.The message will be conveyed if it feels good on the other person). Of course inequality will cause problems. The real problem is good, but because it is already lame, then there are two possibilities:

1. Will be resisted

2.Will be left

Both possibilities will end up uncomfortably, both for both and for either.In the midst of this transfer of material, the sentences I always convey (as motivation) are:

1. Your comment is a transparent form of what you feel

2.Transparency can be a reinforcement of the character possessed

3. The more perfect the four factors are the higher the value of yourself

4. Your self-worth determines the smooth interaction of yourself with outside yourself

5. Do not ambition to fight, please to fix

6. (last) God is Gentle, likes softness

The end of this lesson, each must be able to comment on the way I teach. It's cool to hear them comment on my style in teaching, even though there are one or two that sometimes make a little emotion, although I realize that not all of the comments leave from the heart (for fear of me or want me to praise and I remember) and his dialect is still full of pollution. At the very least, I have been able to instill a healthy, generally acceptable, familiar way of commenting on the heart, which promotes improvement.

What about this kompasiana community? Feels a bit uncomfortable indeed, because (I think) has had his own theory, namely the theory of comments typical kompasianer. Well … Fortunately, the thousands gathered in this community are not grade IX (SMP) students, not my students, not the burden of my work psychology, not the ones I have to instill in character. So sleep can be sound, although sometimes there is a desire to make komen-komen existing in this community into a case study for my students. But unfortunately, my heart precedes whispering, If you can not, what your students say later, this community is a great writer. Not the class right? Continue ……. Ahhh ……, the world, is beautifully analyzed, provided with the resilience of thought and heart. My mbah said, the flexibility of the heart and think it is because we always remember and sumeleh with that makes life.

Wallahu in bisshowab ….

Greetings to all….Kertonegoro, September 6, 2013

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