Committee II DPD RI Follow Up Aspects of HTI Problem in Belitung

Committee II, Jakarta Committee II followed up the aspirations of the Belitung Regency community regarding the rejection of the existence of Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) in Sijuk District, East Belitung Regency. The existence of HTI is considered to be destructive to the environment such as deforestation that potentially leads to flooding.

Related to the problem, the Chairman of Committee II, Parlindungan Purba, together with Senator from Bangka Belitung Province held a meeting with the Head of Sub-district and some Village Heads in Belitung Regency, and Ministry of Forestry in DPD Building, Monday (8/21/2017). The presence of Heads of Sub-district and Village Heads aims to strive for the cessation of HTI-related activities in their areas by saving village forests and agricultural land to be converted into HTI areas.

Responding to these aspirations, Parlindungan will send a letter to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to immediately establish an investigation team regarding HTI rights abuses in Belitung District. He considered the existence of HTI must be in accordance with actual field procedures and conditions. In addition, HTI should also improve the community's welfare and increase productivity.

We ask for immediate action. The Ministry of LHK issues an investigative letter in the context of SP3 and begs to write a letter stopping activities on site. This is to anticipate that there are no problems in the field. And in the near future we will come down together to get there, "said Parlindungan.

Senator from Bangka Belitung province, Tellie Gozelie, stated that he will always guard and follow up the problem of HTI in his area. Tellie asked as long as DPD RI follow up this problem, Head of Village and Camat in Belitung Regency keep condition and security in their respective area.

While I expect to keep conducive in the area. Do not we heat up the citizens. I instead ask the Village Head to keep the security of their respective regions, avoid conflict, Tellie said.

According to the head of Sijuk sub-district, Abdul Hadi, HTI development has not been done according to procedure, one of them is in the formulation of environmental impact analysis (AMDAL). It should be when the AMDAL is formulated, the surrounding community is involved, but what happens is that the community has never been involved in the formulation of AMDAL.

AMDAL is a mandate of community involvement. This new socialization is considered we have received in the management of this area, input from the community is ignored, said Abdul.

He continued, so far the management of the area is not appropriate because HTI rights holders actually do the logging that can harm the community. According to Abdul, the community has taken a stand not to accept HTI in Sijuk District.

We do not want the origin of Belitung is safe, with the investment that is not pro with the community, it actually harm the community, he said.

Meanwhile, Plh. Director of Forest Production Business of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Drasos Polino, said that the decline of HTI area management rights arose from the recommendation from the regional heads from the Bupati to the Governor. Without such a recommendation, the ministry does not dare to issue permits. Related to the HTI problem in Belitung Regency, he and the ministry will conduct an investigation related to this issue.If there is a violation of law in the field, such as no logging permit, it can be reported for legal action. With regard to violations, we must prioritize the existing legal process, Drasos said.


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